BBFC: Taavi Gets Off

BBFC: Taavi Gets Off

Taavi was told to make a coffee for Dimitri but he messes up this simple task, not a good idea when you are dealing with a man with a short fuse like Dimitri.




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Finding himself bending over the kitchen counter, Taavi gets a good spanking.




His jeans might look good but they are in the way and are soon down. The tight black boxers show off this little guy’s butt perfectly. But they too have to go and as Dimitri pulls them down a very excited Taavi bounces out of them.




The bare ass spanking seems to hit the spot this time as the lad cannot keep his hand off of his dick and is soon jerking away as his ass takes a good spanking.






He dumps a good load and gets that extra something from his session. Dimtiri gives the lad a last swat as he scampers from the room. A whole new side to Taavi is seen in this clip.










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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Oh, my ears and whiskers! O, ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! Une vraie tour de force de spanking! This clip is just a spanker’s dream! I think this is little Taavi at his most spankable yet, and that is with some stiff competition (stiff, haha!)!

Taavi shows from the start in this video just what a naughty, cheeky boy he is! He looks really small and vulnerable with the menacing bulk of Dimitri towering over him prior to bending the little rascal over for a good smacked bottom! The impression I have is that this most recent piece of mischief is the latest in a string of naughty behaviours that can only lead in one direction – which, as Dimitri takes young Taavi in hand, it is clearly going to!

Over the kitchen bench goes our lad, also bent over Dimitri’s left knee, a combination that is a major turn-on! Taavi is made to bend into the optimum position to show off the pert curves of his cheeky little bum to absolute perfection! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the boy bent into such a totally smackable posture, which also allows us a tantalising glimpse of a bright, light-blue waistband above the waistline of his trousers, giving the promise of coloured underpants, of which we know Taavi is a committed wearer! I have got to say, I really, really would love to see the boy laid over the knee in those jeans!

The moment I’m always waiting for with cock-tingling anticipation comes as Taavi takes his jeans down and is bent back over the bench! And what a great choice of spankingwear he has made from among the contents of his pants-drawer this morning! Good short Calvin Klein boxer-briefs, made by the designer label that have the knack of manufacturing underpants that, whatever shape you are, are always a really good fit! And these are black (one of my favourite colours for punishment underpants!) and just the perfect length to frame Taavi’s perky bottom for smacking! He gets 160 on the briefs alone, and his facial expressions and occasional ineffectual attempts to ease the pain in his smarting bum show that Dimitri’s hard hand is finding his mark – the pink glow that usually suffuses the bottoms of the boys with less hardy hides than others is just starting to show below the legs of the lad’s pants and is nicely established as these are pulled down to bare his buttocks for the severest stage of the spanking and he is also stripped shirtless!

At this point, Taavi shows the most deeply cheeky and naughty side of his mischievous nature! It is rare to see a boy even get hard during a spanking video, which always amazes me! At their sort of age I could never have got through the smackings the BBFC and other Jock Spank lads manage to take without getting a boner as erect as the Eiffel Tower! Not only does it happen here with Taavi, but he cannot help himself giving in to the feelings and sensations he is experiencing! I just couldn’t believe the brazenness of the little scamp as he took hold of his cock and began to jerk off quite energetically! As I recall, this is truly a first for BBFC, though I am open to correction about that (of the severest kind if deemed appropriate, haha!)! There is no doubt whatever that the most wonderful sensations under the sun are produced by coming while you’re getting your bottom smacked, and the consequent gratification shows in Taavi’s face! It is a sensation which is all too short-lived, but while it does last, it’s like being whisked off to the sublimest, most spanky realms of Spankers’ Heaven, where the Spanking Seraphs wait to turn your bottom red with celestial slippers! I’m quite surprised that this most reprehensible behaviour during discipline doesn’t provoke an instantly more severe response from Dimitri. It has not been unknown for one of my naughty boys to shoot his load while he is getting a spanking, but if he deliberately caused it in the way young Taavi does here, he sure as hell wouldn’t sit down for a week! My word!

The final SMACK! of dismissal on Taavi’s underpants as he scurries, still shirtless, from the room, and still pulling his trousers up, is just delicious, but the ending – oh, my stars and moon! Haha! Even after a thoroughly smacked bottom and with buttocks that must be smarting like he’s sat on an ants’ nest, the little devil turns round and gives us such an impudent look! If I’d been there and caught him doing that, he’d have been laid over my knee and had the skin taken off his arse! Probably as well Dimitri didn’t see him!

I just wanted to add something. I think everyone who is familiar with my comments knows that I’m very rarely critical in what I say, but I was so pleased to see, with ‘Petr in trouble’, that we’d returned to punishment over trousers and underpants on BBFC. Though naturally I am happy for those who are stimulated by the total nudity and bare bottom spankings of recent weeks – chacun a son gout, as they say! Thanks, Taavi, Dimitri and all at BBFC for an absolutely super clip that has gone straight into my file of video favourites!