BBFC: Panos Request

BBFC: Panos Request

This is a requested clip to see Panos hoisted well over the knee. He comes in wearing his grey shorts and goes OTK for his warm up spanking.



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He looks good like this and it is the classic OTK position once he drop his shorts he is back in position.

The dark blue briefs fit well in this OTK style, the red glow round the edges of the briefs also tell a story. Once he drops his briefs he goes in to the full over the knee position, almost horizontal with his bits dangling.


This is a change to the expected OTK and makes the lad tense up and keep a firm ass for the spanking. Looking at his reactions at the end it seems this is a great position and one to recommend. A great request clip with Panos .



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

In comes Panos and can see straightaway from the fact that Tony is sitting down that he is going to lay him over his knee to spank him! It must be a bit like those days when a judge would pass the death penalty and the black hat was brought in to be placed on his head while he read the sentence! We of course, know what is going to happen, but I wonder if the boys always know what to expect until they are confronted with a seated or standing bottom-smacker?

Panos is bent over Tony’s knee in a very favourable position for a spanking – properly bent over, although this is going to change in a short while. Those shorts look quite thin and unprotective and as well as giving really good definition to the separate cheeks of his very prominent bottom, it is easy to discern the outline of the legs of his underpants through them! And, joy of joys, he is clearly wearing briefs!! The question is, what colour are they? That delicious moment when a boy’s trousers or shorts are taken down can be ruined for me by the sight of tedious white boner-killers! Not this time, though – the shorts come down to reveal one of the most spankable pairs of underpants we have seen in a little while at Jock Spank! Navy-blue slip briefs with a contrasting royal-blue trim – the perfect selection from any boy’s pants-drawer, consciously or otherwise, in which to be clad for a smacked bottom! WOW!! My second favourite colour for spankingwear! And how beautifully and clingingly they frame those beefy buttocks for discipline! And the reddening of his thighs is a tribute to Tony’s thorough and intense manner of laying on punishment across a boy’s bum, working around the target area, leaving not a square inch unspanked! OWW!!!

Laying horizontally over the knee, as Panos is forced to do as we reach the point where he has to take his briefs down to bare his downy bottom for the last part of what is by any standards (as the vital statistics will show) a properly good smacking, is indeed physically stressful, trying to stop yourself slipping forwards onto the floor, which the ‘pressure’ from behind can almost cause you to do! The strain of it is clearly telling on our naughty boy, because although he goes through his punishment with hardly a sound, the pain he is enduring shows in his face! I was amazed how he managed to keep that pair of shorts balanced on his foot all during the bare bottom stage of the spanking – I was sure they’d fall off, and then they didn’t! Quite a feat (no pun intended!)!

That last moment as Panos scuttles away in his underpants is a major mega-turn-on which I can’t recall seeing on Jock Spank before – normally a lad allows himself the dignity of pulling his trousers up before making good his escape from punishment! Perhaps Panos is afraid of what might transpire if he hangs around a moment longer than necessary!

Vital statistics
Reports on the shorts! 297
Licks on the knicks! 312
THERE! and THERE! on the bare! 382
TOTAL: 991 – Just nine spanks short of ONE THOUSAND SMACKS!!!

I still marvel at the constitution of a boy who can go through a spanking like young Panos has received here and not get hard as granite! In his position (both positions, haha!) at his sort of age, my cock would have been standing on end as straight and erect as Telecom Tower! But then I was rather in the same mode as the lovely Priapic Philip when I was laid over the knee as a young lad, being well and truly spanked – sometimes with similar disastrous results and even more severely painful consequences! Those were the days!!!