BBFC: Panos Paddled

BBFC: Panos Paddled
Panos is in trouble and this time he is facing his first paddling.

Bending over the table he presents his rear end for the swats from the paddle.


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A few on the trousers to start things off and then down to the briefs, a well chosen pair of dark blue ones that show his shapely butt well. The paddle lands with a lovely thwack and there is a glow appearing round the edges of the briefs.





Once the briefs are down his butt is already getting a good glow to it, so a bare ass paddling adds to that and makes a complete picture. A great first paddling for Panos.




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I don’t know about anybody else but I’ve been finding the run of boys being smacked in briefs at BBFC just such a treat!

And as we’re in the back-to-school season right now, a school-style corporal punishment scenario is particularly resonant! Every boy looks spankable bending over in black school trousers and this pair fit young Panos very well indeed – almost as though they’d been designed and fitted specially for the boy to wear for smacking! Panos has a particularly cheeky way of sticking his bottom out when he bends over the desk and the camera moves in at some wonderfully spanky angles to capture its amazing smackableness!

Naturally after seeing Panos get his first few spanks, my thoughts turned to wondering what colour underpants he was wearing. ‘Please!’ I thought, ‘Please, Panos, by all the gods of Spankers’ Heaven, don’t be wearing white boner-killers! Not when you look that spankable!’ And what a joy when my fears not only proved groundless, but to find that the lad was wearing not only coloured underpants, but briefs – good, tight navy-blue briefs, one of my all-time favourite colours for spankingwear! These briefs fit Panos just so perfectly! I’d really,really love to see him laid over the knee in them!

I don’t recall seeing that paddle before, but it looks a very functional and mean piece of kit and at those moments when we see this young scamp’s face, it is clear that there is no question of the purpose for which it was designed not being carried out! Panos is a stoical lad and does little more than just wince as the hard, unyielding wood of the paddle connects sharply with the cheeks of his pert bottom! First the left buttock, SMACK!! Then across both buttocks, SPANK!! (Incidentally, if you’ve always been smacked across both cheeks of your bottom at once, it is quite a different sensation from being spanked across alternate buttocks!) The reddening of Panos’s bare bottom is eloquent testimony both to the hardness of the paddle and Tony’s skill in laying it on!

Vital statistics
Bruisers on the troosers 96
Licks on the knicks 87
THERE!andTHERE! on the bare! 86

A very deliberately laid-on and intense spanking ending in the usual SMACK! of dismissal, a distinctive feature of BBFC clips and one I always look forward to – I have already watched this video twice and am going to take another look at it now. I can see it numbering among my favourites! SPANKTASTIC!

2 years ago

Lovely. A must watch again