BBFC: Panos Paddle Request

BBFC: Panos Paddle Request

The last request for a while as BBFC start a new season with some new lads next week. Panos took his first paddling well and we had a request to see him bending lower and wearing blue briefs.


Looking slightly more downhearted than usual Panos bends low over the table and presents his rear end. When he gets down to his briefs its clear why these were requested. He really does have a great butt for spanking and it is shown well in briefs, a great choice of colour.


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His butt is glowing nicely when he gets the bare ass paddling. No wonder he heads off quickly at the end .




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Oh, by all ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! This is just spanking perfection!!

I find that you can’t beat a smartly uniformed naughty schoolboy scenario and young Panos is just perfectly suited to it! After the last punishment we saw him getting with the paddle, he looks even more spankable than ever – undoubtedly that owes a great deal to having to bend further over the desk than he was made to last time – though both positions have things to be said for them!

The well-fitting black school trousers are tighter than ever as a result of Panos’ positioning and he seems to have a particularly cheeky way, consciously or otherwise, of bending over with his pert and well-rounded bottom sticking out in the most boner-makingly provocative fashion. As Shakespeare puts it ‘My fingers itch!‘ All boys look great getting their bottoms smacked over black trousers but Panos seems to bring an especially finger-itching quality to this occasion as he bends over the desk to be disciplined!

And then, when his trousers come down and we get the treat we are having quite a bit recently of seeing the lad spanked over briefs – and airforce-blue briefs too! What a choice of spankingwear! Back rushed my particular memory of my first ever visit to my old headmaster’s study to receive corporal punishment, because I too was wearing airforce-blue slip briefs under my tight black trousers! And I too had to bend over the desk while four seriously hard strokes of the head’s whippy, supple cane were laid with searing, burning accuracy across my bum!

I have noticed that Tony never looks as though he is smacking too hard when he lays on a spanking and I get the feeling that the severity of the punishments he administers is in their intensity! All in the wrist action! Our naughty lad’s facial expressions certainly suggest this is the case, as does the flaming redness of his very bare buttocks as his punishment reaches its conclusion! And off on his way he goes, sent scampering away with that final SMACK! of dismissal – almost breaking into a run as if he’s afraid that Tony might change his mind about the hiding being over and call him back to have his arse tanned all over again!

Fantastic! Could I just please make a little request? I really, REALLY, REALLYwould love to see Panos laid over the knee in school uniform, getting a smacking that progressed from black trousers to the bare bottom! A grey short-sleeved shirt and navy-blue briefs would make such a thrashing a spanker’s dream!!!

2 years ago

Best part of this one. Is after the pants came down. They are not tight enough. But does give you the nice feeling of a office or church spanking. But he’ll those very tight underwear sets of that small very sexy spankable ass off. Then the bare ass. Oh my god I almost passed out. WOW ?? WOW ?? WOW ?? boy if you were mine. I would enjoy that punchable spankable fuckable ass. You would be sitting down for a while. Then walking straight would be hard to. Come here Daddy wants you.