BBFC: Panos Life’s a Beach – Video Preview

BBFC: Panos Life a Beach

Here is the video preview to accompany the pictures and storyline which were were posted here earlier today.


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Fit Studs
2 years ago

Sooo pretty out there! 🙂 Well, boys gotta work for it somehow. Spank-spank! 😀

Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

WOW! Young Panos looks absolutely stunning, naked apart from those beautifully-fitting swimming-briefs! I would LOVE to see him laid over the knee in those! There’s something SO spankable about a boy in speedos…!

I guess that, old softy that I am, part of me would say that I might very likely make allowances for a young lad wanting to go off swimming on a hot day instead of doing his chores. Boys will be boys – but on the other hand, responsibilities are responsibilities and if a boy doesn’t get round to what is expected of him, he needs to learn that there are consequences. And if those consequences happen to be being physically disciplined for his naughty, cavalier disregard for the rules, then – well, over the knee he needs to go! And I think Panos was jolly lucky that he just got a hand across his bottom – it could have been far more severe!

We haven’t seen a boy spanked over loose boxers since we last had young Marcin on the screen in his baggy boxer shorts. If I’m totally honest, shorter, tighter boxers do rather more for me – but each to his own. And what I really do find interesting is that Panos’ pants-drawer seems to represent a microcosm of fashions in boys’ underpants over the years – as I remember he wore some very spankable-looking black briefs the first time we saw Tony lay him across his knee, moving through white trunks, blue boxer-briefs and now the looser variety of woven boxers – quite a comprehensive collection he’s managed to demonstrate after only four spankings! I’m fascinated to see what else that drawer yields up as we get to see more of this naughty boy being spanked!

Panos does the hang-dog look very well when he realises he’s in for it! And when you’re one of the BBFC family’s lads, that only means one way of being dealt with! I sometimes wonder about these boys – they are never left in any doubt about the fact that if they’re naughty they will be punished – and punished very thoroughly! And yet it never seems to stop them from being naughty!

One of the stills posted from this clip showed Panos stretched out in his briefs, lying on his back, looking very sexy indeed! I reckon tonight he’s going to be lying on his tummy!

2 years ago

Panos has a super spankable butt. We hope to see him get the paddle and cane too