BBFC: OTK for Adrian

BBFC: OTK for Adrian

This is a requested clip for Adrian. Black shorts make most lads look very spankable and Adrian is no exception. A small firm little butt with shorts that pull tight when he is OTK just needs a spanking.



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No matter how good he looks in the shorts they do have to come down. A great choice in underwear keeps the showing off of this lad’s rear end to the fore.




A bare as spanking ends a super clip with Adrian. Thanks for the request.





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

WOW! Whoever requested this spanking scenario is evidently an experienced and discerning smacker of boys’ bottoms! Adrian is clearly a naughty boy so having him laid over the knee and well and truly spanked is absolutely the right way to suggest he should be disciplined!

As Tony rightly points out, all young lads look very spankable being smacked in black shorts (or long black trousers for that matter)! Indeed, I frequently insist on my naughty boys wearing them for punishment – there is a whole new psychological element added to a spanking when a boy has to wear shorts for it! And they can never be too short, that’s what I say! In the case of the pair young Adrian is wearing, the fact that we can discern the outline of the legs of his underpants through the seat of them suggests that the shorts are fairly thin and therefore quite unprotective of his bottom!

Of course that moment to which I always look forward arrives, when the lad has to stand up and take his shorts down! Now, we have had a few treats recently with seeing several boys smacked in briefs! And here is an equally rare treat – a boy smacked over heavily patterned underpants! We don’t see too many pairs of such briefs at Jock Spank and they can make a boy look so uberspankable, as indeed they do with Adrian! I reckon our naughty boy has to have selected that pair from his pants-drawer on purpose!

As he lays bare-bottomed over the knee for the final and most painful and embarrassing stage of his punishment (both of which feelings show clearly in his face) the way he is well and truly bent over, torso at rightangles with his slappable thighs, we can see what a truly cheeky little bum he has!

I just love it how, when the spanking is finally over and Adrian has straightened up from across the knee, he is sent on his way with a couple of quick, sharp SMACK!s which Tony gets in just before the lad has managed to pull his shorts up! Those spanks say to the boy ‘There’s plenty more where they came from, young man!’

HAHA! Well, let’s hope there will be plenty more!