BBFC: Oscar Hoisted and Play The 12 Days of Ass-Mas Competition


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BBFC: Oscar Hoisted

Oscar is due a spanking and there’s no time to waste finding somewhere to sit down for an OTK so a raised leg is used to hoist the lad up and keep his butt at the perfect angle for spanking.


From the moment Oscar bends over his butt looks great, in black jeans, even better when his down to underwear, but bare assed is just wow. This lad has a butt that was made for spanking. This is a classic clip for sure. What a lad and what a butt.


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One Response to BBFC: Oscar Hoisted and Play The 12 Days of Ass-Mas Competition

  1. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m really glad Tony couldn’t find anywhere to sit down in order to lay young Oscar over his knee! And that’s because, for me the over-the- raised-knee position is the absolute best – the best of both worlds! It means a boy is being spanked over the knee – my all-time, absolute favourite position for a smacking – but it also means he is well and truly bent over, as indeed he should be! In this case, Tony had Oscar bent into a truly favourable position for a spanking with a phenomenal curve on the boy’s incredibly smackable, cheeky little bottom – a much tighter curve than if he’d been sitting on a chair and had the lad laid across his knee in the conventional OTK position! The way Oscar was bent over also allowed us to keep an eye on his facial expressions while he was being disciplined and although he showed the stoicism that we’ve come to associate with Tony’s boys, there is no doubt that the punishment was ‘getting through’!

    This time, I had no idea what colour underpants Oscar was wearing and when the moment came when he got those two or three quick smacks that said to the boy ‘Right, young man, stand up and take your trousers down!’ – well! Well! WELL!!! It’s not often on any of the spanking sites that we see a boy smacked over patterned briefs, so it was a special thrill to see a pair that could have been designed as spankingwear! I found myself wondering if Oscar had deliberately extracted this particular pair from his pants-drawer to wear for a smacked arse because he knew how fantastic he would look being punished in them! Great colour with a contrasting navy-blue waistband and, oh so SHORT!! The combination of smackably close-fitting black trousers and those briefs is one that had to have been inspired by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven! I was glad to see that Tony spent a good long time smacking the boy over the seat of them – unfortunately (or otherwise, depending on your point-of-view) I was so taken up with this part of Oscar’s spanking that I forgot to count the smacks! I need to go back and do that – it will give me an excuse (as if I needed one!) to watch once more what is always my favourite part of seeing any of Tony’s boys being disciplined!

    As I think you all know by now, I am not the biggest fan of bare-bottom spankings, and I have never really found watching punishments that are laid on solely across a lad’s bare bum as satisfying as seeing them administered over the right trousers and / or underpants (provided that the underpants are coloured and not the dull white boner-killers that seem to be the norm on some corporal punishment sites). However it does depend on the boy’s bottom – and how could one not be enthralled by the spanking of a pair of bare buttocks as bare, hairless and pert as young Oscar’s??!! Oscar, my lad, if you truly are an angelic twink come down to us from Spankers’ Heaven, which your youthful, impish good looks, boyish physique and exquisitely pert, cheeky bottom certainly suggest you are, please do not go back there until we have seen you getting well and truly spanked many more times! I gather we’ve got a winter of you being spanked ahead of us, which I’m thoroughly looking forward to, young man! And that is surely going to keep at least one portion of your anatomy nice and warm!!!