BBFC: Nick Caned

BBFC: Nick Caned

In answer to the request to see Nick get the cane here is his first session with the cane. Wearing shorts he adopts the position and the first strokes land.

This is of course just a warm-up and the shorts are soon down and the next set is on his underwear.


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Trying to be as stoic as possible Nick really starts to feel the cane, he said after that he was surprised at how much it stings even through briefs.

The bare ass caning is the final act and as Nick is a dark skinned lad he has not coloured that much, the effect on him was not so physical but just as effective. Next we will step the pace up and challenge him and push his limits


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1 year ago

Utterly unlike his many spankability-cursing peers, pious puppy Nick couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present than his hard-handed holiday-host Tony accepting an appropriate advance from grim guardian uncle’s impending inheritance: a family-crest-engraved-cased heirloom rattan canes collection, all of which the clergyman used to wield gruesomely-grimly on his godfearing godson’s gloriously-glowing globes, as the knave never dared ‘backtalk’ his host on the one drawback of getting spanked on the bare by Tony: paddles are so tacky, American, ignoring the great tradition of European (and colonial) educational endurances, the trademark top-tool of which can now also be put to best use where it works way-best (worst-felt by wayward wretchedly-wriggling-worms) on Tony’s other classical-CP-coercible charges.
Nick always admired the cool crimson cuts on classmates’ cones in the shower after a flogging with the ‘crook’ headmaster’s crooked school cane, convinced they conjure considerable contrition in contorting caned curs, yet couldn’t bring himself to ‘earn a rattan rebel rear ride’ by breaking canable school rules on purpose, aspiring near-perfect behavior having become his second nature, only uncle still constantly came up with countless counts to condemn his clothless cones to comprehensive CP, culminating in crimson cane cuts for ‘crucial crimes’, a real rarity.
For birthdaysuit-bound, bare-balls-beatable birthday boy Nick, the clothless-cur-cones-cruelly-criss-cross-crimson-cuts-covering canes case feels furnace-fiery on his fiercely-flogged flagellant-faithful fanny like the godgiven gift that keeps giving gruesomely-good godfearing guidance, as Tony grinned he’ll happily handle all to hell-hot-hide the he-hood-heeded humblehound’s helpless heinie harder-still.
Nickcan hardly, he-hood-happily-hardening,wait for his next weekly confessions and boarding school reports, providing Tony ongoing opportunities to make true strict Sir’s ‘warm warning’ he expects to have relevant reasons to wield each cane repeatedly each season, sounds even sounder-severe then thereto-consulted uncle before his crippling, coming close to covering the contritely-cringing cutie-cur’s in cruelly-criss-crossing crimson cane-cuts quasi-cripple, study – and sins standards being set significantly stricter then uncle’s as he’s older now, tanned-tail-tougher and ‘tempted trickier’.
From this time on, his birthday spankings (actually first weekend/holiday) at Tony’s will feel like Christmas comes twice without sinfull presents, as Sir granted his naked-knees prayer: he’ll get with each of the six canes a dozen plus his age from Tony, then with his flagellant mask on each of Sir’s other charges can choose two canes for a dozen with each, next each elder among them two more for his age in cuts with each, and everyone will keep passing him around OTK till their exceptionally-extended bedtimes.
And almost all year long, he’ll be peacock-proud of a painfully-palpitating posterior, prominently purple-pained, proof of his godfearing family’s finest feel for fearsome full-force frockless-fledgling-fanny-flailing, for feeble faults or foppish flaws frequently contracting counts of cruelly-criss-crossing crimson cane-cuts causing continous cur-contortions at cones-contact that keep conjuring the CP as they last livid most of the week, already avidly-anxiously anticipating another absolutely-abject-adolescent-arse-agony, almost-always already-ablaze and anal-area-afflicted afire again, awesomely-awefully-aches assuring an admirably-attrite awareness and aspiring angelical attitude.