BBFC: Meet Oliver

BBFC: Meet Oliver

Teodor has been out and about again, last time he bumped into Terry, this time he has more luck and he spots a likely looking lad.


A brief chat and the lad agrees to come back to the apartment.


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Teodor has decoded that the best way to break Oliver in is a session OTK. This is Oliver’s first spanking and he is not sure how things are going to go. Teodor starts off on the lads jeans and then makes his way down to his underwear, which fit extremely well and show a super butt.






Of course after a suitable time they also have to go and a bare ass finale says that Oliver’s first session is over. I wonder if he will come back again .



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Young Oliver is a bit of a change for BBFC – somewhat camp, but in fact very twinky, which I always appreciate. As he enters the room, he almost looks eager for what is coming – I guess for some boys who have never been spanked before (and there seem to be more of them around in these days of softer discipline) there is a certain curiosity value they’re bound to feel. I certainly had that sort of feeling before I was properly spanked for the first time – and there’s that sensation, as you are laid over the knee for your very first experience of corporal punishment of what Betjeman calls ‘fear, half confused with thrill’!

It is interesting that Oliver assumes a kneeling position to begin with – very appropriate for punishment, a position traditionally associated with penitence, which is exactly what a boy should be feeling when about to receive strict discipline across the bottom!

The boy takes a spanking very stoically, only uttering gasps of pain intermittently, mostly when his bottom is bared for the severest part of the smacking! His ineffectual attempts to rub his bum are dealt with effectively by Theodor, who firmly, but without being rough, moves Oliver’s hand away from the ‘affected area’!

As has been remarked on this site before, all young lads look good bending over in blue jeans! That is especially true when your able to get a sneaky peak at the waistband of a boy’s underpants while he is bent over for smacking (the absolute best way to find out what colour underpants he is wearing) and you realise that he has not only got coloured pants on but patterned undies into the bargain! He makes a bit of a meal of taking his trousers off and finally gives up on them, bending over again and this time laying over Theodor’s knee – possibly kneeling was hard on his kneecaps while he was getting a smacked arse! And WHAT a smackable bottom he has in those boxer-briefs, which are both the perfect colour, pattern, short length and degree of tightness for a youth to don as spankingwear! One of the reasons I sincerely hope this young rascal returns to the green screen is to be able to look forward to discovering what other spanky treasures nestle in the depths of his pants-drawer!

What I was surprised about, given the fact that Theodor clearly has a hard hand and a very thorough style of spanking – working his way round a boy’s buttocks so as to leave almost no area unspanked – when Oliver’s briefs are removed, there is no evidence of where Theodor’s punishing palm has been – unlike some boys whose bottoms would have resembled raspberry ripples as soon as their knicks were taken down after getting a good lengthy smacking on trousers and a pair of underpants! Oliver’s arse literally looks as though it hasn’t had a finger laid on it! Perhaps we’ll have the chance to see what might happen if the paddle or the strap come out for the purposes of Oliver being disciplined!

A delightful feature of this lad’s very well-rounded, very cheeky and very pert bottom is the way it wobbles like a couple of blancmanges on springs while he is being spanked! I love how he positively scampers away after his punishment without his trousers properly pulled up, as though he wants to be away from the scene of his pain and humiliation as quickly as possible! Perfectly natural, of course! But watching his retreat, I would not have been able to resist taking my belt off as he fled and whipping his arse across the seat of his still-exposed briefs! The thought adds a whole new dimension to the expression ‘The end is in sight!’