BBFC: Meet Nick

BBFC: Meet Nick

For over a year Nick has been asking to come for filming. Like many in the community he has his reasons not to show his face. We have always said that it’s not possible to film without a face. Nick presented an eloquent argument on inclusivity, that many spanking community members would love to be in films, either top or bottom, and not only fulfil their dreams of being on-screen, but to be able to share with the community their experiences.

He also pointed out that there are tops who dont show their faces but no one gives bottoms the same opportunities. Nick is so committed to this that he travelled here from the UK to take part in filming. In recognition of this we agreed to film with him. So for all you bottoms out there who feel a little ignored or neglected here is Nick, and his glorious smooth little butt, as a champion for you all.


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Dr van Spanking
9 months ago

O, ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! It certainly is a pity we can’t see young Nick’s face, because if it is anything like the rest of him, I’ll bet he’s drop-dead gorgeous! His youthful figure, that peachy-smooth, cheeky little bottom and uber-smackable legs are the stuff of a spanker’s dreams! I do appreciate the concern for protecting a lad’s identity, though. Spankings should never be administered in an atmosphere with which the boy getting his bottom smacked feels uncomfortable, otherwise there can never be that trust between him and the spanker that is so essential to any top / bottom relationship.

As Tony’s hand descended with his usual thoroughness across the seat of Nick’s chinos, I waited with baited breath for that all-important moment, when the lad had to stand up and take his trousers down to be smacked on his underpants! The acid test for me of any boy’s spankableness is his preferences in underpants and with most lads at JS, their taste is impeccable – except that some of them will insist on appearing from time-to-time clad in boring white boner-killers, generally thereby ruining the whole effect that has been produced up till the point of taking their trousers off! It was a joy, therefore, to see that Nick is clearly a committed wearer of coloured underpants – you’d have to be really into coloured pants to wear that particular pair of boxer-briefs! I really love the dinosaur pattern – so boyish! And a good short pair – the perfect length to frame his pert bum for the strict discipline that Tony was laying on! I’m looking forward to seeing what other treasures from his pants-drawer the lad has packed for his journey to go and be filmed getting a spanking!

It was interesting when, after 347 spanks, Nick’s knix came down. Boys’ backsides vary so much in how they colour up during smacking, and I guess I was mildly surprised (given that I’ve always thought Tony’s right hand looked quite a hard one and the fact that he can have some of his lads yelping from the first SPANK!) to see that the beautifully hairless skin of Nick’s very naked buttocks has barely darkened.(barely darkened, BOOM-BOOM!!). But, of course, with some lads that does happen – it would be interesting to know the the biological reason, because there has to be an explanation for why some boys’ bottoms redden very quickly and deeply, while others don’t! Is there anybody with the knowledge to tell us?

I hope Nick can spend a little while at Tony’s – I can hardly wait to see him being punished for a second time!

9 months ago

Faceless Nick certainly deserve the paddle and cane also

2 months ago

Timidly, the twink threads to taste a touch of the towering Tony’s tough tail-thrasher-touch to tame a thuggish teen through the time-honoured tactile tactics of thorny tush-tender-tanning. Tony’s tutored teen recruits usually argue against such wickedly-warm welcome, protesting it’s unfair, some physical objection … anything to avoid a sound spanking, to no avail or even earning extras for lip, but(t) not nice knave Nick.
He rather remarks, really respectfully, he saw a freshly-fanny-flailed fellow leave lightly rubbing his rebel-rear, able to smile and greet in normal voice without pain-pushed-pitch, hence resolutely puts before Sir that his strict Sir clerical uncle guardian, who sent the squirt to Sir after selecting the strictest spanking school too, systematically stands for staunch severity in scores of savagely-stern-smashing spanking-sessions, stripping the shivering sinner squirt starkers to suffer sounding and sightly superbly-submissively, shamefaced and soon-scarlet-sterned to the saintly suppression of shameless and slightest sins by suitable spankee-seat-sufferance.
Strict Sir starts smiling stat, sitting silently for starters, shining showing satisfaction, sincerely-surprised seeing such superb sonly stripling spontaneously showing spot-on submission to sound sentences to stripping and severe swatting to strictest sirely spankophile satisfaction. Soon, Sir speaks, still smiling, saying he surely seeks sincerely to solidly satisfy the said saintly search for serious sin-suppression by soundly-scarlet-spanked stripped-sinner-stern.
Sir starts ‘softishly’ spanking the squirt slowly, ‘ceremonially’ through the standard-spanking three-tier OTK (luke)warm welcome, then sendoff-smacks him to unpack and return before bedtime bare-balls after a cold shower to suffer sample-spankings, his age and a dozen with each implement, and discuss severe mimimal tail-tanning-tariffs for any flaw or fault they can think of, to be reported to his strict guardian, whose suggestions for more spankable sins shall see supplementing stat. At each arrival here and before leaving anywhere, naturally-nasty-naked-nates-nurture-needy knave Nick may (and will gratefully) fetch an implement to Sir and drop trou for a ‘painful putting in properly-perilous puerile place’ by pants-down-posterior-pounding, not punitive but a preventive ‘purple-paining procedure practice’ plus, piously ‘pleasing Providence’ and prosaically producing profoundly-pain-purple and pointed Priapic proof of painful poignancy to a properly-perpetually-punishable puerile posterior.