BBFC: Meet Maxim

BBFC: Meet Maxim

Teodor has been out and around again and this time he has found a slim lad that has agreed to come back.



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What the lad didn’t know is that Teodor had decided to start him off OTK with the paddle. Maxin is very unsure about things and is really a bit shy but he does take the paddle well.*

It changes as his trousers come down and he gets a set on the underwear, the paddle is really hitting home now. While they show him off nicely they have to go and it is a bare ass paddling for the next set.*

Reaching round and trying to protect his butt doesn’t help at all. Maxim takes this first ever paddling well and it is possible that we will see him back again .*

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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

My, my! What a lovely, super-spanky start to the weekend this was, to be sure! And what a find young Maxim is, to join Tony’s very spankable family at BBFC! He has everything you could want in a ‘naughty boy’ – youthfully good-looking and slender, with a well-rounded and pert bottom and he is clearly a committed wearer of short, tight coloured underpants which for me is always the acid test of a young lad’s smackability! One never knows until that all-important moment when a boy’s trousers are taken down and his taste in underpants is revealed, although on this occasion we had some encouraging and tantalising glimpse of a coloured waistband which gave us an idea of what was to come (no, I’m not talking about me, haha!)!

Maxim is well and truly thrown in at the deep end, laid over the knee for a spanking with the paddle! Teodor gives no quarter, laying on good and hard and making no special allowance for the fact that this is Maxim’s first time getting his bottom smacked (actually, it just occurs to me to wonder whether or not that is the case?). From the start, Maxim clearly finds the punishment painful and responds very vocally to being disciplined with a spanking-paddle! And well the young rascal might! As I often tell the boys in my circle, corporal punishment is supposed to hurt and hurt a lot – otherwise there is no point to it!

Tightening Maxim’s black briefs is an interesting refinement to the lad’s punishment, which I use a lot – it can create a range of delicious sensations for a boy, especially if he is finding the discipline sexually stimulating! It was good to see that the smacking on underpants sequence of this clip lasted a good while!

I just ADORE the expression on Maxim’s face as, well and truly chastised, he makes good his escape from the scene of his introduction to spanking BBFC style! It is exactly how one of my ‘naughty boys’ looked after his first (severe) encounter with my bottom-smacking slipper – he found it all a bit of a shock – which, of course, the first occasion ought to be if the spanker knows his job!

I hope we see Maxim again! He is absolutely right for BBFC and as much as anything else, I am looking forward to seeing what other treasures are going to be gleaned from the depths of his pants-drawer! And when all is said and done, a bottom like his just has to be smacked – and smacked hard!