BBFC: Meet Matyas

BBFC: Meet Matyas
Dimitri finds another likely lad hanging around and decides to approach him and see if he is open to a deal. A few minutes chat and he is heading off with the lad in tow.


Back at the apartment the lad, Matyas, comes in for his session OTK. But Dimitir has decided to up the stakes for the first time and has the paddle to hand. This is a shock for Matyas but he has done the deal and has to see it through!


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Black jeans give way to light blue briefs and the paddle carries on working its magic. By the time he drops his briefs he has a good colour to his ass. He is looking a bit shocked at whats happened and I wonder if we can tempt him back again.












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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Well, well! Dimitri certainly knows how to pick ’em, does he not?!

Young Matyas is quite a find – good-looking, twinkily built and with a wardrobe that could have been put together to wear during spanking films!

And talk about a lad being thrown in at the deep end! Not just getting his bottom smacked by the hard-spanking Dimitri, but being laid over the knee first time around! And not just laid over the knee, but over the raised knee! The best – or, from the boy’s point-of-view – the worst of both worlds! Over the knee – that most humiliating of all positions in which an older boy can be punished, but also well and truly bent over, showing off the cheeky and pert curves of his bottom to utter perfection, enhanced by dark-coloured trousers, with just a hint of a coloured waistband! Truly, Eastern European promise at its most alluring!

And then, of course, we have Dimitri deciding that he is going to use the spanking paddle across the boy’s bottom! I guess there are spankers who would not have introduced so hard and unyielding instrument on a ‘first date’, haha! However, I then recalled how in ‘Just what the Doctor ordered’, Philip received his first caning across his bare bottom, which I gathered later, he’d found quite hard to take! So there is a precedent..

The clingy boxer-briefs are a lovely shade of blue to enhance the cheeky cheeks of Matyas’ perky and very hairless bottom, which colours up beautifully under the not-so-tender attentions of Dimitri’s spanking-paddle! And then, just when the poor lad thinks it’s all over and he has got his pants and trousers pulled up, Dimitri catches him out with that final smack on the bottom to send him on his way – something that for me is becoming one of BBFC’s hallmarks – and what a turn-on it is too!

Clearly this punishment was a bit of an ordeal for Matyas, and I truly hope he can indeed be tempted back – if only because I SO want to see what other treasures lie in his pants-drawer awaiting discovery!

2 years ago

Nice to see Corey Law about again, last time I spotted him was in Stings Angry dads ( which is strangely absent from their site still any reason for that?) and ‘What goes around’ which I see is still there. His hair looks much better now though. Thanks for the post!