BBFC: Meet Maarav

BBFC: Meet Maarav

It’s a cold winter’s evening but that does not stop Dimitri going out and looking for some new lads. In a very cold park he spots a likely candidate and goes over for a chat.



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A deal is struck and Maarav agrees to come back to the apartment. To break the lad in an OTK session is best and once over the knee of Dimitri it looks like the lad has everything needed for spanking, a great shaped butt that is well presented.




All lads look good in jeans and they are soon down and this lads super butt is seen in black boxers, proving it is a great asset. A bare ass finale sees Maarav broken in well and sets the pace for an mischief he might get up to in the future.












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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

it is always exciting to meet a new addition to the BBFC family and young Maarav is a stunning new arrival. Drop-dead gorgeous, slender and with a super-spankable, small, pert bottom that just shrieks aloud to the sublimest realms of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked! And smacked HARD!

I had very much hoped that the new boy would be thrown in at the deep end for his first spanking and laid over the knee, and sure enough my hopes were fulfilled. I reckon that when you’re breaking in a new spankable it’s good to let him know the worst of what he’s in for and I think exposing him to the humiliation of laying him across the knee the very first time he gets his bottom smacked is the surest way to do that. After that, if you’re going to ease up on him a little bit, then that it is the time for him to be allowed the slightly less undignified feeling of bending over. It’s only marginally more ‘grown up’, but for an older lad less of a penalty than being forcibly pulled across the knee!

The next test for a new spankable is his wardrobe, and here Maarav ticks two of the Doc’s favourite boxes! Faded jeans, next to short shorts and black trousers are just the optimum in what to wear for a punishment, especially when they are filled out as pertly and smackably as Maarav’s jeans are as they are stretched over his well-rounded, perky buttocks! As Dimitri’s hard hand smacks down across the taut, faded denim seat, I am of course thinking ‘I wonder what colour underpants he’s got on’. With a bottom like that, the gods of Spankers’ Heaven could surely not be as remiss as to let the boy be wearing white boner-killers! But, no, what is this? As he pulls his jeans down he reveals a pair of short, tight boxer-briefs, and in black, my third all-time favourite colour for spankingwear! I am sure there must be guys out there thinking, “For fcuk’s sake, change the record,van Spanking!” but if I’d had to make a selection from Maarav’s pants-drawer for him to wear while he was being disciplined, I could not have chosen better myself – unless he’d had a pair of royal-blue briefs in there! Unfortunately, some of Tony’s boys have proved to have a token (I hope) pair of white pants in their underwear-drawers and are in the habit of occasionally wearing them for smacking – I sincerely hope that Maarav is not one of them! A bottom like his deserves coloured underpants! And brightly coloured and brief at that!

Maarav reminds me a little of young Dominic in the way he seems to be looking round a lot of the time to try and see what is happening to his smarting bottom! He is clearly not very comfortable with the whole process of the hard corporal punishment he is receiving, and while he is taking it fairly quietly, his body-language suggests that he is resistant to this form of discipline! As he walks off, still pulling up his pants and jeans, he is looking decidedly unhappy about the strict discipline that has just been laid on with all Dimitri’s usual thoroughness! There again, there would be something wrong if a naughty boy walked away after smacking wreathed in smiles!

Perhaps next time we should see Maarav bent over to be punished! A school scenario would just be the kipper’s knickers!