BBFC: Meet Leos

BBFC: Meet Leos

Dimtri is out looking around, he enjoys these trips out looking for new lads. A likely candidate is spotted hanging around the underpass and Dimitri heads over for a chat.


The guy agrees to the offer and the two of them head off back to the apartment.


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We have seen many lads with tattoos but we do not often see a lad with a beard, hipster fashion has reached us with Leos. Makes no difference as Dimitri has decided to break him in at the deep end with the paddle. From the start it’s clear Leos has never been spanked before and he is constantly looking round and trying to cover his butt with this hand.






Wearing black boxers gives a good idea of the great butt he has as well so it’s not long before they are down, and Leos does have a great ass, ideal for a paddling. His protests have increased by now and Dimtiri is really enjoying spanking this guy, the look on his face at the end as Leos dresses is a real picture of a happy top .













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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Well, well, well! Dimitri’s unerring eye for a spankable young stripling has certainly delivered the goods this time! Leos is a perfect subject for a good spanking – slender of stature, pert-bottomed and with an air of cheekiness and a youthful look that, unfortunately for him, is not disguised with the beard. In fact, her rather puts me in mind of little Bobby from the wonderful ‘Straight Lads Spanked’ site, another youngster who clearly and mistakenly thinks a beard will make him look older (see attached photo of young Bobby in characteristic pose across the knee in very short shorts for a good smacked bottom)!

For a lad who has never been spanked, young Leos isn’t half thrown in at the deep end for his very first time – subjected to that supreme humiliation for an older boy of being laid over the knee, and then being introduced to the hard, unyielding wood of the spanking paddle. No leading up to that level of punishment through being disciplined first with the hand! WOW!

Leos’s was perfectly clad for smacking – white t-shirt, my favourite black trousers, slightly faded and well worn, and allowing us a tantalising glimpse of a coloured waistband as Leos lays across Dimitri’s knee! This has been a slightly misleading sign before, when a coloured waistband has actually proved to be topping off a pair of white boner-killers! Fortunately this proves not to be the case here as Leos takes his trousers down to reveal a pair of black boxer-briefs – not only one of my favourite colours for spankingwear but also the perfect degree of shortness to frame the boy’s cheeky little bottom for discipline!

I have to say that I felt a mild surprise with this clip that it seemed to be being played a bit for laughs, especially given how stern Dimitri usually is with boys when he takes them in hand for a spanking. He was more than usually tolerant of Leos’s squirming around and of the lad’s generally appearing to think that being laid over the knee is a huge joke! I was even more surprised at him allowing Leos to stand up in the middle of the underpants sequence of this smacking, and in fact pleased to see that when, after some backchat, Leos laid back across his knee that he was properly bent over rather than having his feet on the sofa, which actually meant he was laying more-or-less flat instead of bending over! However, there’s probably no harm in playing things this way occasionally – it lightens the mood of this blog which, given its subject-matter is inevitably, and appropriately, a solemn one!

I had the impression that the punishment took a more serious turn when Leos got his pants taken down to bare his bottom – and what was clear, not only from the hapless youth’s groaning, but from the deep and shiny mottled pink of his very bare buttocks, was that the paddle had well and truly made its mark! There’d be no sitting down for the young man for a fair while afterwards, I’ll be bound!

I hope that we see a lot more of this very spankable brat, but I would also hope that he is shown in no uncertain manner that corporal punishment is not a joking matter as a multitude of his predecessors at BBFC and contemporaries at Sting Pictures would undoubtedly testify – and some of those boys might well be able to show him the marks to prove it! If that means him having to be smacked a lot more severely next time, so be it! I for one shall thoroughly approve of such a punishment and I should imagine I won’t be the only one! Cliff van Spanking.

3 years ago

Attractive guy with very spankable butt. I hope we see more of these two