BBFC: Meet Bohdan

BBFC: Meet Bohdan

Dimitri has been out and about again looking for some new faces for us. This time he has come across Bohdan sitting playing with this phone. A brief chat and the lad agrees to come back for a session.



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Once at the apartment instead of getting ready he has his feet up and is back on his phone. This is enough for Dimitri to break him in with no further discussion. Getting the lad OTK Dimitri sets about spanking the lad, starting on his jeans and working his way down to the lads bare ass.











Bohdan is a slight lad and has a small butt, one that needs a regular spanking if his debut is anything to go by. The lad looks a bit shocked as he tries to dress and run at the same time when he leaves the scene. Lets see if he has learned anything from this, maybe he will be back .






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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

The arrival of a new boy at BBFC (or elsewhere at Jock Spank) is always cause for excitement! It raises questions – will he take his punishment like a man or will he wriggle around, squirm and yelp as he is spanked?! Will he be wearing coloured underpants, or will he be one of those thankfully rare youths who favour white boner-killers?

Young Bohden is quite a find in several respects. His whole physique and the slightly surly cast to his face just scream to the heights of Spankers’ Heaven for smacking! And then, the skinny black jeans in which all boys look finger-itchingly spankable – combined with dark-coloured boxers that are designed to look like sports shorts! Just perfect for discipline!

The lad is certainly well and truly thrown in at the deep end, being laid over the knee and then getting his bottom smacked by Dimitri, who has a demonstrably hard hand! A good tanning combined with the exquisite pain of having his ear pulled! And we can see by his facial expressions that, as the spanking progresses, the boy is finding it an uncomfortable experience – but isn’t that how it’s meant to be?!!

I find it fascinating with teenage boys how their bottoms differ in shape and size, some sticking out very prominently and others being small, pert and cheeky! Bohdan probably has the smallest bum of any boy I recall seeing on Jock Spank, certainly at BBFC! But that is part of the variety that makes spanking such a fascinating punishment both to administer and to watch – and obviously for some lads, to receive!

I was interested in the final comments on the stills. It is clear with some boys when they get their bottoms smacked that they have not expected it to hurt so much or to feel the degree of humiliation that a spanking can bring, especially when they are subjected to the embarrassment and deeply humbling experience of being laid over the knee for the first time! This has been a splendidly spanky debut for Bohdan with all my favourite elements! I do think there’s room there for further disciplining and attitude-adjustment and I sincerely hope Bohdan will realise that sufficiently to come back and get it!