BBFC: Matyas Shower

BBFC: Matyas Shower

It seems that every lad that turns up thinks its perfectly fine to spend hours in the bathroom, Matyas is no different. Teodor wants access to the bathroom and Matyas is taking his time to have a shower.


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When the lad eventually emerges he heads off, not even wearing a towel, he has that over his shoulder. Teodor storms in the salon and calls the lad, who saunters in naked still with the towel over his shoulder. *

No messing around Teodor gets the lad bent over the back of the couch and spanks Maxim, his bare ass perfectly ready for that. Being right over the couch it makes this guy’s butt look absolutely wonderful for any type of spanking, that great smooth curve of a lads ass.

Matyas looks forlorn as he leaves at the end, almost like he just doesn’t understand the problem, mind you he understands the price he just paid. *

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11 months ago

Having toiled his twink-tail off as towel-boy in a ‘very private’ gentlemen club’s sauna and swimming pool (to contribute considerably to an even cuter CoVid-contaminated kid cousin’s care costs at home), sordidly-sweaty work, towel-only until a client (usually fast) yanks or barks it off (earning a few tips tucked in the towel, tenfold thrashings towel-off for a few feeble faults and plenty of pretexts from puerile-puppy-predators) all night, every night all month, evidently extremely exhausted by endless eerily-exposed efforts, every morning Matyas takes care to shower off all sweat and sleeze as swiftly as thoroughly before (his or any knave mate’s) morning chores and breakfast.
To him, hapless-hamlet-raised humble-hound, it feels as the luxurious House version of the standing order from home after (fulltime fatherly – or foreman-floggable) field -, forraging – or other back-breaking (‘brat-of-burden’-butt-beatable) toil to strip, jump and wash in the nearest water barrel before returning home or elsewhere, still dripping-wet and starkers carefuly carrying his scanty work clothes (single layer, usually shorts in summer, overalls in cold weather) : no villager minds a naked knave – except that most men reckon it requires the rascal’s rear be ruefully red, recalling ‘daily’ domestic discipline commonly dispensed docks-down with ditto corner time, both in front of an open street window, or even on the porch, implicitly inviting passing men to applaud or drop by for comment, in most families, like Matyas’s, invariably treating the trembling, tearfully-thrashed two-tails-throbbing twink to two extra tanned-tush-torment-turns, visitor-suggestion-by-demo and paternalistic preference prevailing; so usually the first or second passerby on a well-washed knave’s way home puts him OTK to make sure his perky pantless posterior isn’t pink but radiantly-red.
Arrived, he enters about-air-dried, waiting and crankily-questioned there -curiously cupping, a coy-seeming custom ‘crossly cut’ by carried-clothes-confiscation- till ‘allowed’ over a better’s knee (for Matyas usually grim gramps-guardian, a greedily-guy-gones-groping, gruesome godson-globes-grueller) and have his helplessly-he-hood-heeded-heightened-humblehound-heinie ‘helpfully dried’, the despondently-dick-dangling dogsbody’s divested derriere doomed to damned-discipline-doubling to demonstrate domestic-dominance duly-dolefully. 
Here as home, he hates having to hush his hottie-hide-hygiene hastily, haunted by horrible home clan-rules having any hygiene-slacker or hide-smudge-remainder posterior-punished pitilessly-plentifully, paddle-pounding the poor perfectly-perilously-presented puppy-posterior progressively pristine-pink to profound-pain-purple ‘as paternal punitive prelude’, ‘promising proper punishment by the patriarch’, publicly in the presence of plenty of puerile peers and puisne pups, passed-on in protocollory procession for his betters to birch the ‘bad bathing brat’ blistered bare-balls, before being beaten by betters again and now also peers and juniors over each knee, a violent vicious circle until everyone has tired enough to turn home. However several other home rules impose patriarchal punishment, so supreme Sir usually hosts a weekend or holiday session for several knaves at once, rotating in tail-torments-train-turns.
So seeing senior Sir sooner then supposed, shouting-even, the speed-surprised, slender sweetie sighs silently, sadly supposing such senior’s sirely snapping ‘Scoot, shower-out, squirt!’ surely spells a similarly-severe sort of spankings-suite-sentence for so-implicitly-stated shower-sloth, shuffling somewhat-scared starkers to submit slavishly to senior-Sir-suitable-seeming spankee-suffering, swifltly signalling some student-mates he’ll probably be late and limping lowly-lout-lower-lilbs-lavishly-livid-licks-lashed.
Supposing scores of simple smacks surely solely were a weird warmup, working-up to wickedly-well-wielded wayward-whippersnapper-workover-worthy whips, senior Sir’s sudden satisfied ‘scoot, study-time!’ smashingly surprised the stunned squirt, subsequently to such savagely-severe-spanking-spelling sirely snear such surreally-soft simple-smacking scarcely seems a sanction, smashlingly short of suitable severity?!
Sergio shall soon spell-out senior Sir’s sager system, saving-up savage spankings for somwhat-severe stuff, to the surprised, shy, super-submissive squirt, who supplicates the Seniors to systematically strip and swats-spank his seat soundly-scarlet as they see fit or supposedly or somewhat, superior Seniors Sergio and Matthew must mercilessly martyr his meekly-mounted-male-mounds-meat each evening viz. morning, the obvious way to keep him safely in his lowly place till he returns home on seasonal holiday or study-termination, and with a raw rear before facing any Sir he must not rely on his meagre Thespian talent to squirm and sob showing suitable spankee-sufferance when simply-smacked or somehow softy-spanked. Such sweetly-subdued super-submissive squirt-style surely spells sweet prospects for ‘soft schooling’ and sirely-spankophile-seeming senior-spankings shall satisfy these supplementary sorts of spankable student-squirts supremely and Sirs supposedly!