BBFC: Matyas Briefs

BBFC: Matyas Briefs

If there is something that is more annoying than not obeying the rules then it is half heartedly obeying the rules. Matyas is not walking around the house naked he is walking around in his underwear.



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This half way approach, which might seem OK to him is far from OK with Teodor. Matyas protests and takes the stance that he is at least decnt enough to walk around, that cuts no ice with Teodor who gets the lad OTK and sets about spanking him.




After a good warm up set on the briefs, which really do show him off well, its time to get them down. As Matyas drops his briefs he bounces out of them highly aroused. Seems that Matyas is really getting into his spankings now by the look of this. Even after a bare ass spanking he is still very excited when he stands up at the end and leaves the room. Maybe he is being naughty for other reasons now? *






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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

“Oh, my only summer hat!” ejaculated Bob Cherry!

What a fabulous spanky start this clip made to my weekend! PHWOOARRR!!! Yet again, we have the all-too rare treat of seeing a boy laid over the knee and smacked in briefs, and a good tight pair, black (my third all-time favourite colour underpants for a boy to wear for a spanking!) and deliciously stretched by young Matyas’ small, pert cheeky bottom!

And not only is Matyas smacked on his underpants, but he is otherwise as naked as the day he was born, yet another rare treat for us – though I have to say that BBFC have been very good about giving us these recently! There is something very youthful and vulnerable about Matyas in only his pants, showing off (nearly) all of his slender, boyish physique! In fact, I would say there is almost an air of innocence about him, belying what is obviously a naughty nature! I must admit that, when my boys stay with me, there is no rule about not walking around the house in your underpants, in fact I positively welcome it! It always gets my day off to a hot start when, for instance, I walk into the kitchen first thing and find one of my young lads there, bare except for his boxer-briefs, making his breakfast cup of tea! However, clearly a different understanding prevails in la maison Teodor – rules are rules, and if a boy breaks them, he has to be disciplined for it! And what better way to make the punishment fit the crime in Matyas’ case than to lay him over the knee for a good smacked bottom!

Matyas doesn’t take spankings quietly and eachSMACK! is succeeded by an exclamation of pain! The punishment is spiced by his agonised facial expressions and his ineffectual attempts to ease the pain in his bottom by rubbing it, something I myself absolutely do not tolerate when I am laying on a spanking! But for all his pathetic little yelps, the punishment seems to be taking quite an effect on his libido as, briefs off, he is once more laid across Teodor’s knee – another ‘refinement’ (the hardness, that is) that we are also seeing more of at BBFC, and I am bound to say, very welcome it is too! Perhaps on a future occasion we might see the climax of this process happen to Matyas – he must have been nearly getting there with this spanking! At his age, I very definitely would have been!

Severely dealt with, poor little Matyas limps away trying to ease the pain in his very red bum, smarting from the impact of Teodor’s hard left hand! He gives the impression of being a definitely sadder and maybe somewhat wiser boy. Let’s just see how long that lasts…

1 year ago

I can’t think of a healthy boy -like this cutie- in briefs as indecently exposed, especially indoors, so unless they expect some unsuitable audience of outsiders (even then, what’s the problem?) or some reason for a more specific dress code,
it seems Teodor is the one in need of spanking(s) to correct a double educational error: sending a wrong message and undermining the effectiveness of the posterior-punishment by ‘inflation’, even if my spankophile streak whispers wickedly, that might open the avenue of harsher ‘real’ CP to compensate.