BBFC: Marcin Knows The Rules

BBFC: Marcin Knows The Rules

Straight out of the shower Marcin walks into the salon naked, chatting on the phone. He stands there talking and drinking coffee while Dimitri watches in shock. The lad knows the rules about walking round the house naked and here he is doing just that.


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The lad casually wanders off chatting away and Dimitri is far from happy. He grabs a paddle and the lad, who has now put on a towel, too little too late, and gets him OTK for a spanking.



Marcin takes his paddling as he knows he was in the wrong. He has a super butt for any spanking and seeing him OTK is a great sight. Lets see if this has been a lesson he understands, time will tell.






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2 years ago

It’s good to see this delicious boy back again: naked, OTK and spanked. But please discourage him from any more acts of self-mutilation. It would be such a shame to destroy the beauty of that young man.

How I’d love to put him over my knee and spank him myself.

More Marcin please. 🙂