BBFC: Luis Double Set

BBFC: Luis Double Set

Having decided to slack off for the afternoon Luis tries his best to look innocent when he is woken up and told off. All lads do this of course, even when they are caught out.

It’s not long before he finds himself OTK getting a spanking.


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His choice in underwear is not the best and they are soon off for a bare ass set. But thats not all, there is a second set to come.

laying on his back legs up and everything on show he gets a great humiliation spanking. This is a no holes barred session and its no wonder he makes a fuss about it. As a reward he has a little soothing cream applied to his ass, even though he really does not deserve it.


2 Responses to BBFC: Luis Double Set

  1. To paraphrase Wordsworth,

    ‘Earth hath not anything to show more fair
    Than the sight of a twinky young lad laid over the knee,
    Being smacked on his underpants!’

    This clip is a real treat! One of the greatest delights I find BBFC give us is boys being spanked wearing only their underpants! I would just say, of course, that underpants afford the modesty that a naughty boy is entitled to while he is being disciplined – he doesn’t really need to be wearing anything else!

    A couple of questions:

    Has young Luis had his bottom shaved for this video? It’s just that he has quite hairy legs, and yet their hirsuteness ends just around his ‘sit-spot’. I think a real turn-on at some point would be for BBFC to show us a lad getting his bum shaved for smacking! How about it, BBFC?

    The other question is, who is the spanker in this video? From the tender bloom of his skin, he looks quite young. Also, his hands look quite delicate and well manicured – though this does not stop the spanker laying on a hard punishment that reddens Luis’s cheeky bottom very nicely! That much is clear, too, from the boy’s reactions while he is being spanked!

    Whoever the gentleman is, he evidently knows his job when it comes to dealing with naughty boys! I hope we see more of him!

  2. Avatar Andrew B
    Andrew B says:

    Luis perhaps doesn’t really deserve to have a cream rubbed in, but I would gladly volunteer to assist with doing that