BBFC: Light Fingered Evzen

BBFC: Light Fingered Evzen

Evzen makes a really bad move when he decides to go through a jacket in the hallway.

Caught in the act of stealing some cigarettes, which are banned anyway, he knows he is going to have to pay for this.


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Teodor drags the lad into the kitchen and bends him over the counter and sets about teaching not to pilfer anything at anytime

By the time he works his way down from Jeans to underwear and then the naughty lad’s bare ass, there is a super glow coming on.


This looks like a painful lesson for Evzen, and one that he has had coming for a while, the timing of his light-fingered antics just hastened the day. Maybe he will mend his ways now.


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Dr van Spanking
11 months ago

So!! Pilfering indeed! That is one of those behaviours that goes beyond ordinary naughtiness and needs to be nipped in the bud! Swift and severe retribution in the form of hard and heavy-handed corporal punishment is the quickest way to demonstrate to a boy the error of his ways in this regard! I am pleased to see that, as Teodor bends young Evzen over the kitchen bench for a good smacked bottom, this is clearly an aspect of dealing with errant lads that he understands thoroughly. Evzen’s pitiful expression as he walks away from the scene of his punishment is definitely that of a very sad and sorry boy! For the moment it looks as though he might have learned his lesson, but as to that, we’ll have to wait and see…

I’ve got to say that Ezven’s pants-drawer is proving to be a real treasure-trove! Great colours and boxer-briefs of beautifully bum-framing length! Let’s hope he has no white boner-killers lurking there – or, if he has, that they remain well and truly hidden away at the bottom of the drawer where such totally unspankable garments belong!

10 months ago

Feeling royally robbed and frightfully fucked by scrooge senior Sir flailing-forcing him hard-handedly to hand-over handling his fee-fit finances to the House, Evzen feels evidently, even excellently, entitled to expect extensive pocket money matching the meaningful monetary margin, which isn’t handed to him at all either, so he ‘helpfully has to’ help himself to some of it from Sir’s pockets on the coatrack. Now number of nastily-naughtiness—naked-nates-nurtured knaves noticed numerically-notably for days that senior Sir added dozens of swats to each standard spanking, obviously meanly-minded, murder-moody by now, actually having noticed counts of cash gone missing, which he initially feared having physically lost, feeling guilty and haphazard like the brat-behaved boys whose bared butts Sir vented his financial frustration on, then realized regular repeats defeat the bad luck thesis: there had to be at least one blatantly-shameless cash thief in the House, a horribly-handy handful at his hands.
Gold-honest Krystof was sworn to secrecy and tasked with setting a covert camera trap, which caught first-night the lewdly long-fingered lout looting red-handed, a really-reviled robbery, rapidly requiring rigid rules-respect-restoration by ruthlessly-ruefull-rendering rotten-robbing-rebel-rear-resoundingly-raw-and-radiantly-red-rod-ravage. In the military the official automatic punishment was dishonorable discharge, in training the ‘walk of shame’, but(t) here in the  House that would mean further financial frustration by forfeiting future fees from the found-out fiend. While as training officer, Teodor often offered an obediently-offered-orbs-ordeal as optional alternative to promising recruits, now as senior Sir he feels it’s his only option to repress rascal-robbery by relentless rebel-rear-rod-rides.
Given the shocking insolence of irrepently owning his thievish ‘non-crime’, Teodor instantly imposes a three-tier hand-spanking, as symbolical start, then decides to make a chilling example: he’s ordered to awake and assemble all knaves after a cold shower, still dripping towel-only, him starkers, to attend and assist at appropriately-abundant and assorted asinine-ass-arse-agony, assigned by seniority in turn to fetch an additional attribute to be amply and ably applied to agonize the abject-ass-arse as it’s passed around and Evzen crawls on all four past the gauntlet circle, each round eerier-exposed to more merciless means of miserably-mounted-male-mounds-mates-metout-misery.
This brightest-burning bare-balls-both-buttocks-beyond-black-and-blue-blistering of his student-time may not turn him into an honest man, err knave, as he still believes to be the real robbed party, but it teaches him to abstain from backtalk and be grateful for shorter, milder lessons, deserved or not, just as with suggardaddy but(t) without earning any (cash) candy.