BBFC: Liam Humiliated

BBFC: Leon Humiliated

What starts out as a regular OTK for Leon, he is always in trouble for something or other, ends very differently for him. The spanking starts out fine and well, on his trousers and then on his underwear. *



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But you notice he seems a little reluctant at all times. When he is told to drop his underwear he is asked why he has not shaved down there yet. He has been told that he has to shave and he has avoided doing it for weeks.


So this time he is marched to the bathroom where the electric clippers are used to make a start on the job. The look on his face is one of shock and he is really not happy. Left to finish off shaving he uses the clippers and then a wet razor to get nice and smooth.






When he returns for inspection and the final part of his spanking it is seen he has shaved his ass as well.


But as he is now really unhappy he swears as he is spanked OTK, that results in him being thrown onto the couch and the strap applied to his now hairless butt.










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Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

Oh, my only summer HAT! This incredible clip just SO got my morning off to a fabulous start (and the morning was not the only thing to get off, HAHAHA!!). Liam is just such a perfect brat with those sulky but youthful good looks, beautifully boyish physique and GORGEOUSLY pert bottom!

I didn’t look at the stills on Jock Spank immediately but went straight to the BBFC website and watched Liam’s punishment right through. As I always do when the boy comes into the room and Tony takes him in hand to discipline him, I found myself thinking “I wonder what colour underpants he’s wearing…” And as I watched him getting smacked, I saw what appeared to be the hint of a royal blue waistband (I just adore glimpsing a lad’s waistband when he’s getting his bum smacked!).”O ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven!” I thought, “Royal blue! My absolute, all-time favourite colour for boys’ spankingwear!” And then when Liam had to take his trousers down, “Oh YES!!!” I ejaculated out loud as I saw he was wearing royal-blue boxer-briefs – not only my favourite colour but the perfect length for framing a boy’s bottom for smacking into the bargain! If I’d had to go to Liam’s pants-drawer and select a pair for him to wear as punishment underpants, this is the pair I’d have chosen! Mind you, I do think they’re in need of a really good wash – there are some very suspicious white marks on them! 253 smacks later and we see one of the most incredible humiliations I have ever seen meted out to a boy in any spanking movie! The shaving! WOW!! It is something I shall be bearing in mind for my boys! GENIUS, Tony!!!

The belting that the movie ends with, while not a long-drawn out one, is one of the severest hidings I have ever seen Tony lay on across a lad’s bare bottom and young Liam’s reactions as, laid stark naked across the settee, he squirms around yelping and swearing under the harsh strokes of the belt, are the most eloquent testimony possible to Tony’s skill when it comes to administering really strict discipline! It’s almost never that we see one of the lads from Tony’s delightful little ‘family’ ending up in tears but I think Liam can be excused after the way he’s been disciplined for his disobedience! Still, it touched my heart momentarily – which, as my boys will testify, is not the easiest thing to do when it comes to corporal punishment!

I always enjoy watching Liam getting spanked, partly because he looks so much in need of it, and I’m looking forward to the next occasion. However, Liam, in the meantime, young man – you go and give those cheeky pants of yours a jolly good wash!