BBFC: Lazy Sergio

BBFC: Lazy Sergio

You can tell by the look on his face that Sergio knows he is doing something he shouldn’t. He has tasks to do but decided to laze around instead. He does have that cheeky mischievous side to his nature.



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It means he is spanked on a regular basis and he knows he is going to get it. Dimitri sets about paddling the brat OTK, Sergio does not like the paddle at all so it’s a good choice.






The moaning little brat gets a paddling all the way down to his bare ass and Dimitri is making sure he understands why, and maybe wipe that cheeky smirk off Sergios face. With a cute little butt like his lets hope he has not learned too much of a lesson and mends his ways ..





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays always bring a special anticipation, because I find myself, on getting up, wondering “Which naughty BBFC boy is going to be getting his bottom smacked this morning?!”

So what a joy it was when I tuned in to Jock Spank to find that this morning’s young rascal was one of my favourites, the ever naughty and impudent Sergio! This lad has an air of naughtiness about him that just shrieks aloud to the highest reaches of Spankers’ Heaven to be taken in hand and corrected with the kind of strict discipline that has traditionally been used and stood the test of time in dealing with naughty boys!

This video ticks so many of the Doc’s boxes (should that be ‘boxers’?)! First of all, it is clear that Dimitri feels that he needs to continue the old-fashioned approach to dealing with young Sergio as he lays the little scamp over his knee for a very traditional spanking! Sergio just looks so stunningly spankable bent over in those light-blue jeans, with a tantalising glimpse of the waistband of his coloured underpants showing, offering the mouth-watering anticipation of what colour the pants actually are! A major turn-on during the jeans part of the punishment is when Dimitri lifts Sergio’s middle, forcing his pert, cheeky little bottom up higher, which is guaranteed to make the smacking hurt more! When the inevitable moment arrives and Sergio has to take his trousers down, he is revealed to be sporting a selection from his richly-stocked pants-drawer that demonstrate wonderfully his impeccable taste in underpants that are just perfect for putting on as spankingwear! I particularly appreciate how he likes his boxers good and short, framing his cheeky bum beautifully for smacking! His boxers seem to be getting fancier the last few skelpings he’s been given – I’m all for that, as patterned briefs have a special way of bringing out the roundness of a boy’s behind! A couple of my naughty boys always wear brightly-coloured, patterned boxer-briefs when they come to me to be disciplined! If any boy is looking for such pants to use as spankingwear that are heavily patterned and of a very spanky degree of shortness, at a reasonable price, I recommend the men’s department at any Primark, where my two aforementioned boys buy their briefs!

After nearly two hundred SPANKs! with the hard, unyielding ping-pong bat, an awesome instrument of punishment when properly applied to a boy’s buttocks, the errant and cheeky youth’s briefs are pulled down to reveal the damage so far wrought on his very bare, peachy little bottom! A lovely sunset-pink has begun to suffuse the lad’s delectably hairless globes, an indication that Dimitri’s thorough spanking style is working its painful magic with those deliciously glowing cheeks! An impression that is enforced by Sergio’s agonised whimpering in response to his punishment! As ever, Dimitri spices up a good hiding with some hard ear-pulling, causing the boy at one point to yelp loudly! That brought back a few memories, I don’t mind telling you – an ear pulled really sharply can be more painful and humiliating than a hard smack on the bottom!

As Sergio’s spanking comes to an end and he bends over to pull up his boxer-briefs and jeans, he shows us just exactly how pert the curves of his well-skelped backside truly are! I think in Dimitri’s place, there’s no way that sight would have meant that the little scallywag would have escaped an immediate second session across my knee! I can’t help wondering if, as Sergio scuttles off with his trousers still sagging invitingly below his well-smacked arse, he is not tempting Dimitri to deliver that one last SMACK! that has sent so many BBFC boys scampering away from the ‘seat of learning’ as if fearing that lingering might result in further punishment! And my word, Sergio, my lad, if that bat had been in my hand, you would have got it again!!! Hot and hard across your bottom, young man!!!

I have not listed vital statistics for a little while now, so here are this morning’s:

SMACKs! on the jeans 234
SMACKs! on the pants 180
SMACKs! on the bare bottom 153
Total SMACKs! 567

I think that makes this one of the longest paddlings we’ve seen recently at BBFC – the smacks on each layer of the boys’ clothing don’t normally exceed many more than 130 – 150 SMACKs! when the paddle is being laid on over their behinds! Though when a hand-spanking is being administered I have seen the number of SPANKs! reach way in excess of 1000! Still, as I always tell my naughty boys, no lad needs to find himself in that position…