BBFC: Lazy Peter

BBFC: Lazy Peter

Petr is like most lads and is quite happy to sit and waste time instead of doing something around the house. Relaxing in the chair and really not bothered about anything Petr is confronted by Teodor about his tardiness.



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Finding himself OTK and having the ping pong bat applied to his rear end Petr should start to rethink his policy of laziness. Slim fit black jeans give way to tight grey boxers, no matter what the paddling does not stop.





His cute furry little bare ass gets a good set as well, which there is no doubt he needed. A good paddling for this popular but lazy lad.


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Dr van spanking
2 years ago

After two of the BBFC lads being recently bent over for a good hiding (which position, of course, I do love!) it is a nice, boner-making little change to see young Petr laid over the knee to be punished for his lazy ways! I think the principle applies of ‘act your age or suffer the consequences in a way that you’d suffer them if you weren’t your age!’ – which principle Theodor does not hesitate to put into practice! As well he ought, my goodness! , I know that, as is pointed out in the commentary, young lads are naturally lazy, but it is bad for discipline to let it go uncorrected!

Once again, we get the winning combination of black trousers and coloured underpants, together with that delicious glimpse of brightly coloured waistband that indicates the promise of more colourful things to come!

My only reservation with this super-spanky clip is that I’d have liked to see Petr wearing some rather briefer underpants – shortness is of the essence when it comes to spankingwear! Maybe just a thought for another occasion?

There is no doubt whatever that Petr’s rather more hirsute buttocks are a very finger-itching change from the boyishly hairless bottoms of some of the other lads! Don’t get me wrong, I love a smooth backside as much as any other red-blooded bottom-smacker! But variety (should that be ‘butt variety’??!!) is the spice of spanking! I understand that this sort of hairiness can be caused by over-active hormones. Well, I’m sure there’s never been any shortage of those among the boys at Jock Spank!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dr van spanking