BBFC: Lazy Oliver

BBFC: Lazy Oliver

Teodor sees that the dishwasher has been left open and all the stuff is still waiting for something to happen, be that washing or putting away. Either way it has been abandoned by Oliver who has gone off to do something else.


The lad comes in and has to face the music, he is bent over the counter and readies himself for the paddle. Teodor uses the slim paddle as it has that extra zap for any lad.


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Oliver gets a set on his trousers and underwear finishing off on his bare ass, just as he should of course. Spanked well he is sent away to think over his actions, and he will have to come back and sport out the dishwasher of course.








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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

In my lengthy acquaintance and work with boys, I have found that, as well as an in-built tendency towards being naughty, most of them, with few exceptions, are also naturally lazy, especially when the task in hand doesn’t interest them. A good smacked bottom can be a swift temporary motivating factor but I’m inclined to think that what most of the young lads I’ve worked with in the past have needed is a work-ethic transplant!

However, I also happen to think that that is not the reason why we spank boys. We administer spankings to them to send out a very clear signal that they are being punished, not so much for laziness but for what it leads to: in young Oliver’s case to downright disobedience of a request to carry out a mundane household chore that could have taken him a few minutes at the most! My word!

Rightly annoyed, Theodor bends the boy well and truly over in a very favourable position for smacking and sets about disciplining him with the slim paddle – a very functional-looking instrument! I found it interesting to note how, om this occasion, Theodor lays the paddle on right across both Oliver’s perky little buttocks at once – quite a different sensation from being spanked over alternate cheeks!

Throughout the trouser-seat-smacking sequence we are treated to a generous and finger-itching glimpse of the waistband of Oliver’s coloured underpants! Apart from taking a boy’s trousers down, obviously, this is the absolute best way to find out what colour underpants he’s wearing – seeing them peeping out tantalisingly above the cheeky, taut curves of his bottom while he bends for corporal punishment!

Then, of course, inevitably, down come Oliver’s trousers, revealing an excellent choice of spankingwear – two-tone designer boxer-briefs in great colours, clingy and good and short, with a lovely smackable sheen! We haven’t seen a lot of this delightful young lad yet, but so far the contents of his pants-drawer meet with my whole-hearted approval. If there are any white boner-killers lurking in said knicks-drawer, I hope he leaves them there, right at the bottom where boring white grandad underpants belong!

Oliver takes his punishment like a man, making little noise and when his bottom is bared, not having as much to show for his spanking as some boys would; though there is definitely a pinkening, indicating the ‘global warming’ that has been taking place! His facial expression, though, if I am not mistaken, tells a rather different story, which is confirmed by his swift exit from ‘his corner’! He clearly has had enough and is no doubt aware from Theodor’s angry expression that he could very easily get the whole spanking all over again!

Oddly enough, in all the time young lads have been coming to me for discipline, I have never made one bend over my kitchen-bench. In fact, I usually carry out all punishment in my study, where I keep all things pertaining to the discipline of boys! However, it strikes me that the kitchen-bench is a good height, so I think that I shall have to give it a go…