BBFC: Krystof Lazy

BBFC: Krystof Lazy

Krystof is sitting on the bed playing with his phone, he should be reading and studying but decided to take the easy way instead. Teodor catches him and is far from happy and even though the lad protests he finds himself OTK and getting a paddling.



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This is the only way to get these lads to pay attention to their studies. Looking quite casual in baggy shorts the first set with the paddle sets the pace. Once down Krystof is wearing blue boxers that show off his ass very well, ideal for a spanking.




But a bare ass spanking is what’s needed here and Krystof has a super little butt for that. The lad seems to get the idea that he should have different priorities and after his spanking he puts down the phone and takes up the book, might have been easier for him to that in the first place.




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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

Laziness in a boy is something I find very tiresome indeed, though it is a characteristic common quite naturally to a lot of them! I believe that Teodor’s response is an entirely appropriate one, laying young Krystof over his knee for a good smacked bottom!

Mind you, as a stern, practising believer in strict discipline for young lads, I’m not convinced that it is possible to spank the inherent laziness out of them! However, I do believe that in both a domestic and an educational setting, laziness should be treated as an offence and punished accordingly!

The young scallywag’s shorts might be baggy but they are also a good length for spanking and the combination of them with light-blue boxer-briefs really ‘does it’ for me! As for Krystof’s superbly-rounded bare bottom, I would challenge any member of the no-smacking brigade to prove true to their ridiculous principles when faced with that!

It’s great to see boys in shorts again, now we’re into summer! Let’s see more of them thus attired, please!

Last edited 1 year ago by Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

Who wouldn’t love to tutor a knave like Krystof?
Such studly scamp-students surely seem suitable sentenced to spanking-sessions awfully often, being easily distracted and seduced,
so you get ample opportunity to order them OTK for the right reason, and at his age helpfully-heightened hurdies fit so perfectly over your lap,
you’re tempted to put in your two cents -wood and leather- to complete his academic education with athletic excellence, whether he needs a scholarship or not, it’s actually healthy for him, apart from yet thanks to his hellhound-heathenishly hard-handled-hurtful humble-hound-hottie-heinie!