BBFC: Kiriakos

BBFC: Kiriakos
Sometimes things happen that catch you off guard, this is one of those times. Tony was out in town and he stopped for a coffee. This lad wandered up and sat down and said ” I know you, I have seen you on BBFC ” This has not happened for many years and Tony was quite taken aback.

He also didn’t look like someone who was into spanking. They had a chat and he said he wanted to be in a couple of clips, it is one of the things on his bucket list. So They went back to his place and this is the clip they made.


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A good OTK set for him, going through the shorts, underwear and bare ass in succession. Its a nice intro for a real spankee in a chance meeting, just goes to show you never know what’s going to happen when you step out the door in the morning.





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

WOW!!! There are some meetings I seriously don’t think happen by chance – like Ryan’s meeting with young Paco. And as for this one – I reckon the gods of Spankers’ Heaven had a big, hard hand in this meeting! A boy turns up, one moreover who wears BLACK boxers, my third all-time favourite colour for spankingwear, who turns out to be a BBFC fan and also actually wants to be filmed getting his bottom smacked! What are the chances of that?! No, some meetings are meant to happen, subtly arranged by a higher power than ours!

Young Kiriakos is well and truly thrown in at the deep end, laid over Tony’s knee, going through the three classic stages of a punishment! He looks suitably chastened when the spanking is over, and after he has pulled up his boxer-briefs and trousers and been sent on his way with that final SMACK! on the bottom administered to dismiss him, I hope most sincerely that we will see more of him!