BBFC: Kiriacos Shorts

BBFC: Kiriacos Shorts
To fill a request Kiriakos is back for a spanking in shorts. The request is for cut down denim shorts and he does look good in them, so a great choice.



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This lad looks good OTK and the shorts make that even better. He takes his spanking well and when the shorts are down its the blue briefs that come next.





Shown off well in these Kiriakos knows its just a while until they are down and he gets a bare ass spanking. A super little request clip.


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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago


This was SUCH a treat! A spanking that just seems to have everything! A boy laid over the knee to start with and then wearing the combination of denim cutoffs and – joy of joys! Navy blue briefs! Oh, my ears and whiskers, just how much better does it get than that?!

I’ve said it before, I know, but what a fortuitous meeting that was between Tony and young Kiriakos! When I first saw him, I thought, Well, he’s going to be a big lad to lay over the knee and spank – but it definitely works!

In this case, very much helped by the underpants sequence, with Kiriakos wearing my second all-time favourite colour spankingwear and my absolute favourite type – ‘briefs, glorious briefs!’ I especially like how they’re so reminiscent of the school regulation briefs worn by schoolgirls, particularly when a short pleated skirt is being worn by a naughty girl over the knee and is flipped up so the spanking will hurt and humiliate more…WOW!
(Sorry, I got carried away there by thoughts of Naughty Suzie, the only girl in my discipline group who likes to be spanked and caned in front of her boyfriend – and it’s mutual!)

As the commentator so rightly points out – a super little request clip indeed! Now, a big boy like Kiriakos looks as though he’d take the cane well! Any chance, BBFC?