BBFC: Corin Paddle

BBFC: Corin Paddle

This is the first time that Corin has ever been paddled, and he is quite nervous about it, you can see that in his face when he turns up. Being made to stand and lean against the fridge in just black underwear he presents his super little ass for the paddle.


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He is there because Dimitri went to get a soda and Corin had been there before him and there was none left. Tight underwear might look good, but it offers no resistance to the paddle and soon the glow is appearing round the edges. This is revealed when he drops them and gets a bare ass paddling.



But that’s not all that’s going on for this new lad. He is fidgeting and looking round and in no time it’s clear why, he is rock hard and dumping a load, he never expected this to happen. This does not stop Dimitri paddling him as he deserves and it’s a double first for Corin.



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17 days ago

I really do like to see a spanked guy getting a boner, or even a semi as here, as his bum gets redder and redder – most especially when he’s over his spanker’s lap, then when it’s over he gets up and embarrassingly reveals a hard-on which he tries to hide as it gets noticed, resulting in a further spanking.

Dr van Spanking
15 days ago

Any boy with a bottom like young Corin’s who thinks it’s a good idea to walk around in a pair of tight black briefs is just asking for everything he gets! I have no sympathy for him at all! Well might he look nervous, but if he doesn’t want to get a spanking he shouldn’t walk about the place looking so spankable, should he?!

The lesson Dimitri sets about teaching the young scamp is thoroughly deserved, though the lad’s discipline-hardened cock would suggest he isn’t altogether dismayed by his punishment! We are starting to see quite a number of the BBFC boys reacting in this way to having their bottoms smacked and it is a welcome development, having been a rare treat in the past! I have to say, I never knew how the lads managed to prevent it happening – at their sort of age a spanking never failed to leave my cock standing on end like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Corin has been a wonderful addition to the BBFC circle of gorgeous young spankables and I hope that we are going to see a lot more of him! Perhaps if he is smacked on this particular pair of underpants again, we might see him laid over the knee in them! It looks like friend Khakibum might welcome seeing him spanked in this position, too – the very best position for a spanking!