BBFC: Bohdan OTK

BBFC: Bohdan OTK

Well more hoisted over the knee really, He has to go over Dimitris knee while Dimitri is sitting on the table.

This is a feat as Bohdan is a small lad and he has to stretch to get there.


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This of course means his butt is nicely hard and at an ideal height for the spanking he gets. He ios wearing jeans at the start but they have to go and he is wearing nice tight light blue boxers that give his butt a super look. *



But at the other end he is not looking so happy and when he gets his bare as spanking he knows he has a sore butt. A change from the paddle for Bohdan and a change he has really noticed.




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I just love the positioning in use here! What I call the best of both worlds for the spanker and the worst of both worlds for a boy! Well and truly bent over in a very favourable posture for smacking with all the humiliation of being laid over the knee!

I guess it’s a pity in a way that young Bodhan’s bottom doesn’t stick out a bit further, but of course that’s just how it is with some young lads. I’ve known other lads with bottoms that stuck out so far that I’ve been tempted to offer to see if a few regular spankings might reduce the prominence of them! However, Bodhan makes the most of what he’s got with his denim shorts and a pair of coloured underpants that are just the perfect shade of blue to wear for a spanking!

It was interesting what the commentary said about the change from the paddle to the hand being a noticeable one for Bodhan. I always remember one of my boys telling me how he thought that getting your bottom smacked with the hand was a soft option. He was quite shocked when, laid over my knee in thin royal-blue slip-briefs a few minutes after expressing this silly opinion, he found out the extent to which this is not the case at all! I guess Bodhan found out the same thing! Serve the little scallywag right!