BBFC: Alejandro Over He Goes

BBFC: Alejandro Over He Goes

BBFC had planned to use this clip in a few weeks time but with so many emails asking for more of Alejandro They decided to add it today.

This is a popular position for tops and not so popular with bottoms, it is very revealing and very humiliating.


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Being up and over like this gives a top a perfect view and a perfect target and there is little thatthe lad can do but take whatever is decided he needs, as Leon found out when he did this position.


The look on Alejandro face is just priceless and says everything about this session. A super clip with this popular lad.


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1 month ago

I was wondering if you all could help me with a bit of spanking detective work. Do you know what video this pic is fromcomment image
I can see that it is from ouchproductions
but the problem is , they use that image as a thumbnail for a lot of their videos and I would like to buy the specific video that image was taken from

29 days ago
Reply to  Tom

I am pretty sure the face is a photoshop from the SpankingCentral model Chris –

26 days ago

Alex’s Andalusian aristocratic patriarch and Teodor equally hate Brexit, which stupidly sabotages smart trading-terms and coveted continental exchange emporia, e.g. erudition-enhancing Erasmus, so they are among the fatherly founders of a finest-filial-fannies-flogging-fanciful (fine fatherly fun) foundation, the ‘Flail Finesse Fund’ (FFF, favoring full-force furnace-fiery furious flailings for flawed filial fellows as fitting FF-students, at least on annual occasions to keep them in their proper posterior-pain-perilous puerile place), which plans public and private projects to promote extensive educational employment of elaborate eerily-exposed endurances, e.g. CP in private schools as plenty of public systems plainly ban it, while loads of legal issues arise even there, especially for minors, who naturally need nasty knavish-naughtiness-nurture the most.
Teodor’s side’s input is an ‘old boys’ brat-butt-batterers network of experienced spanking educators, ready to wield the rod in the Summer events to start-up FFF’s spankophile system. The aristocrats put up plenty of capital, splendid venues, PR network and, primarily, priceless prestige and traditions.
Alas for Alex and almost all his attractive adolescent aristocratic azote-accustomed mates, this means abandoning about all amusing August activities as their abject arses are all-out ‘volunteered’ by their pittiless-princely-posterior-pain-purple-pounding-proper-protocols-promotion-prone patriarch as star-attractions at abundant events to introduce programs all over Europe. He will be travelling the continent to have his clothless- comital-cur-cones copiously and endlessly upeneded and endure elaborate and experimental ‘educational exercises’; at each event a few aristrocratic knaves will each demonstrate their ‘noble family traditions’ and then take turns switching places to experience each other represented tradition, and after an intermission some guests (like headmasters) get a gay glorious-globes-grilling go to try-out tormenting their trouserless tails to their taste’s tradition, which usually means British and A-attractive adolescents, like Alex, pay the purple-pained price of public popularity.
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