BBFC: Adrian Request

BBFC: Adrian Request

Cut down demins proved to be popular and we had a request to see Adrian get an OTK wearing them.

He does look good in them, But a super little ass like Adrian has looks good in almost anything. he gets a good spanking in the shorts and looks every inch a brat as he lays across the knee.


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Once he drops the shorts his dark blue boxers make a good contrast, a very shapely little ass on this lad.




A bare ass finale is what he needs of course and just what he gets. A super request for Adrian


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2 years ago

My, my! I did say the last time we saw young Adria getting his bottom walloped that it was high time he was laid over the knee! I rather thought he was getting off a little too lightly by being allowed just to bend over! All right, it’s still very undignified, and at least he wasn’t being given the option of being smacked standing up straight – that’s something that no naughty boy should be allowed to do! But being laid across the knee for a spanking carries that special humiliation that is, after all, one of the particular purposes of corporal punishment! It’s what makes a ‘smacking’ into a ‘spanking’! And in the case of a boy like Adrian who just radiates attitude, it is exactly what is needed to bring him back into line! I have always been gratified at the way attitude and truculence simply drain away as soon as a lad sees that you have sat down to discipline him and realises that means he is going to be laid across the knee – before even one single smack has been laid on over his bottom! Adrian is no exception to a rule I have been fortunate to have observed in action on many, many occasions – well and truly bent over the knee as he is here!

And what a choice of spankingwear the naughty lad is sporting on this occasion! Super-short denim cut-offs that only just cover his very pert and cheeky bottom, giving us a hint of the legs of his boxer-briefs, which, once the shorts are down, prove the perfect length and superb colour for punishment – airforce blue, the colour of the briefs I was wearing the first time I felt the STING! of my old headmaster’s cane across my bum as I bent over his desk for four searing strokes! Ah, memories flooding back!

A good hiding on Adrian’s very bare bottom rounds off the punishment for him with visible painfulness, then it’s pants and shorts back up and he is sent on his way with that final SMACK! of dismissal which I always feel provides such a turn-on when the excitement of watching a spanking is over! Has the young scamp learned his lesson? Time will tell…these lessons don’t, after all, seem to stick in his mind too long!