BBFC: A Paddling For Oliver

BBFC: A Paddling For Oliver

Teodor decides to deal with Oliver this time with the aid of the ping pong bat, a paddling works wonders for lads. Going OTK and wearing shorts Oliver looks guilty and there’s probably a good reason for that.



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Laying on the paddle Teodor sets about making sure the lads gets the point. The shorts are down and some light blue boxers show off the lads butt.





After the set they have to go and it’s a bare ass paddling to the end. The way that Oliver almost scampers from the scene seems like he has got the message.



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

WOW! Another great clip that just ticks every box for the Doc!

As soon as young Oliver walks into the room and sees Teodor sitting down he will realise, as we the audience do, that he is going to be laid over the knee for a spanking – that most humiliating of all positions for the older teenage lad in which to receive corporal punishment!

With the naughty boy bent over in dark, skinny shorts, we are also treated, throughout the short trousers section of his punishment to a tantalising glimpse of the waistband of his coloured underpants – and what is that colour, do I see, below the white waistband? Why, royal-blue, my all-time favourite colour for punishment underpants! And just how spankably they hug his bottom when his shorts are pulled down by Teodor! The camera goes in at some great angles to emphasise the beautiful curves of Oliver’s well-rounded and cheeky bum! I was pretty well on the verge of losing control during this section of the spanking!

Teodor clearly knows his job when it comes to disciplining errant young lads and he lays on the ping-pong bat with a will! I have to say, as I know I’ve remarked before, that I do find him very tolerant when it comes to letting Oliver rub his pert bottom to try and ease the smarting that the punishment must be causing him! I would never permit that during a spanking – however, it looks rather ineffectual, so it probably doesn’t matter too much, and whatever ease he gets must surely be quickly smacked away again!

It is interesting that when, after an already thorough smacking, Oliver’s blue briefs are pulled down to bare his bottom for the most severe part of the punishment, there is little sign of the action of the ping-pong bat on the boy’s very bare buttocks! They are smooth and lightly tanned (I’m referring to the colour of them there, haha!) and don’t seem to bear the slightest reddening that one would expect from the application of the hard, unyielding wood of the spanking bat!

The last two smacks, one on his bare bottom and one across the seat of his briefs send the young rascal scurrying from the room without the formality of pulling up his trousers! This is a feature of BBFC films I do so enjoy – something to look forward to when the spanking proper comes to an end!

A super little movie in every respect – a terrific spanker and a wonderful spankee! Thanks to all at BBFC for a clip that has gone straight into my folder of spanking video favourites!

1 year ago

Poor Oliver. Not so sexy to paddle that little tender ass. Sorry boy not going to be sitting down. Hot ? HOT ? HOT ? HOT ?