BBFC: A Paddling For Bohdan

BBFC: A Paddling For Bohdan

Just when you think a lad has learned to behave himself they mess up, its in their nature. So that’s how Bohdan finds himself over the counter getting a paddling.



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Dimitri runs a tight ship and is a firm believer in discipline and rules in equal amounts. The counter is just the right height to keep Bohdans little butt in the right place for a paddling and once he is warmed up and he drops his combats his underwear is perfect as well, just look at the shape of that butt, a lad made to be spanked.





Of course bare ass is always the way to spank a lad and this is no exception, Bohdan gets a good paddling as he deserves and Dimitri does not spare the lad. A great paddling clip.






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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

One thing that always fascinates me about boys is that, just as they come in all shapes and sizes, so do their bottoms! At BBFC, we get everything from Viktor’s rather larger and more prominent bottom to Sergio’s exquisitely pert and well-rounded backside that just positively shrieks aloud to the loftiest realms of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked until it resembles a strawberry ripple!

And then we have young Bohdan, who probably has the smallest bum we’ve seen gracing any young lad’s rear view at either BBFC or any other spanking site with which I’m familiar! However, in this clip, he has made the most of what he’s got! Bent over the kitchen bench, first of all in camouflage trousers, which I always find make a boy look very spankable – probably number four on the list after black trousers, blue jeans and short shorts!

And then, of course, that moment arrives that I always long for – when Bohdan’s trousers come down and he is revealed to be wearing a pair of boxer-briefs that are the perfect length to frame his small behind for smacking and are, moreover, a great colour for punishment – I particularly like the contrasting waistband! This pair of underpants really flatter the lad’s narrow buttocks, clinging to them tightly as Dimitri continues to lay the paddle good and hard across the seat of them! At times the smacks seem to get harder and this is far and away the longest part of the punishment, as today’s compilation of vital stats will amply demonstrate!

It is often a surprise after seeing a boy smacked long and hard, that when his pants are pulled down to bare his bottom for the last stage of a spanking his cheeks are not rather redder than I would have expected, though there is, of course always a deeper reddening as the smacking continues to be applied to his naked bum! However, young Bohdan clearly is smarting under his punishment – his responses to being spanked might not be as noisy as is the case with some of the other boys, but his face tells us everything we need to know!

Vital statistics
Smacks on the trouser-seat 101
Smacks on the underpants 258!
Smacks on the bare bottom 182
Total smacks 541!

You can see from the mischievous cast to Bohdan’s face that he is a young man in need of strict discipline! I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing him bend over for more before the next fortnight’s out!