BBFC: A Messy Hoodie

BBFC: A Messy Hoodie

This has to be typical of a brat, I mean just look at the attitude here. Opens the drawer and flings everything out looking for some socks, cant find them and simply just walk away and leave a great mess for some one else to clean up.


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Of course this cannot go unpunished and its not long before our hoodie finds himself OTK getting a well deserved spanking. His trademark trackies start the session off before his somewhat dazzling underwear gets the same treatment.


Then a bare ass finale to make sure he gets the point. But even as he dresses and scampers from the room he gets a last whack on the ass to make sure he keeps going the right way


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12 days ago

I don’t like that in the spank videos you don’t see the faces of the naughtI like the spank videos of this studio, and I pay the subscription, but I don’t like that the spank videos don’t show the faces of the naughty youngsters.
we like to see their faces when they are whipped and they screamy youngsters

Dr van Spanking
11 days ago

All boys in my experience will be slovenly and untidy if they’re allowed to be – I have tended to find that the only way to truly knock that out of them is to spank it out of them! And spank them HARD!!

I particularly love the fact that the Hoodie is clearly a confirmed briefs-wearer and that so far he has worn coloured briefs – they seem to have got brighter with each spanking he has been given up to now! I also love the way Tony always lays him over his knee to smack his bottom! The very best position for a spanking!

I do tend to agree with Sonyaku that it might be nice to see the young rascal’s face – I’d love to see how this naughty lad responds to being spanked!