BBFC: A Hoodie gets a Hiding

BBFC: A Hoodie gets a Hiding

For those that know there is a naughty lad that lurks around the forums and chats by the name of Jonny. He is full of mischief and is incorrigible.

The trouble is this type of behaviour is catching and this is the result. Jonny calls all tops ” Big Fat Meanies ” and tags his posts with BFM. So its no surprise that this naughty lad thinks its fine to spray graffiti on a wall with BFM in big bright yellow letters.


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Of course lads like this never think they will be caught, they are never right on that. So when the paint can is found things are only going to end one way. Finding himself OTK and getting a spanking is a fitting ending for these kind of acts, and would be a deterrent to may others if used more generally. Lets see if this lad learns from this and stops spraying graffiti.



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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a scruffy, loutish hoodie! Whenever I see a boy wearing one, I just want to lay him over my knee and spank his bottom with my hardest slipper! Hoodies are garments, too, that I always associate with the slovenly custom of ‘sagging’ – fortunately a more or less dead habit, but one that I also used to feel called for smacking! And smacking with a hard and heavy hand behind it, right across the underpants that the saggers seemed keen for everybody to see!

Right from the start, young Jonny gives the impression of a lad who could use a spanking and it is therefore eminently satisfying to see him laid over Tony’s knee for a long and thorough smacking across his bottom! Incorrigible he might appear to be, but I’m firmly of the belief that no boy is truly incorrigible if he gets his bottom smacked often enough and hard enough! And as the commentary rightly points out, the thought of a good spanking can act as a deterrent to naughtiness in other boys – though I know of some for whom it would attract them to being deliberately naughty, haha!

Jonny is perfect for a BBFC lad! He has a superbly rounded, cheeky little bottom, over which his light-grey jogging-bottoms fit very smackably! But perhaps the icing on this very spanky cake is the boy’s briefs! Navy-blue, my second favourite colour for spankingwear, and nice and tight! We have seen a few BBFC boys smacked in briefs at BBFC in recent months, and while I find young lads look amazing in boxer-briefs, this video, plus those latest ones with young Nick in briefs, show as plain as the red weals across a caned schoolboy’s bum that briefs definitely have the edge when it comes to punishment underpants! It was good to see Jonny being laid across the knee wearing those briefs – the best position to do justice to the phenomenal smackableness of his pert bottom! And the camera goes in at exactly the right angles to capture that smackableness!

Again I find myself mildly surprised that the thoroughness of the spanking laid on by Tony, with no area of Jonny’s very cheeky bottom left unsmacked, doesn’t produce rather more redness than it does – similar to Nick, whose well-rounded buttocks barely colour up at all under the punishments administered to him by Tony. Perhaps boys’ bottoms are getting tougher with all the sitting around they do, playing with x-boxes and computers etc.

Jonny clearly needs discipline! His demeanour as he walks away from the scene of his chastisement is clearly uncomfortable, but I can’t help wondering if the hiding he’s had will be enough. I just have this feeling that it will take more than one spanking to produce a more positive change in the lad’s character! And I’ll be around to observe…

1 year ago

Tony is obviously used to the old-school order: ongoing obediently-offered-orbs-ordeals optimally on-top of occasionally-occurring objectable-ogre-attitude, pittiless pantsed-posterior-pain-purple-pounding putting poor puerile pups in their perfectly-painful-punishment-perilous-penitent place, knowing now-as-ever notable knavery naturally needs nasty-naked-nates-nurture. Shocked to see such simply-shameless scoundrel squirt severely soil stuff, soundless-signalling ‘sud-off, senior’, strict Sir seethed, searching somehow to spank into suitably-scazred-stiff submission such sinful sucker-squirt. Turning him in to the police seemed pointless: they rarely even investigate such ‘daily’ vandalism anymore, the court reserves its rarified resources for ‘real crime’, overburdened since the near-universal banning of CP results in rising rascalry and really-rotten crime as adults too.
Relentlessly researching (requisitioning rascals to read-up, ruthlessly rod-rid-risks-reminded) the rotten ruffian rascal revealed him a ‘rural refugee’, refusing to be trained on the family farm after dropping out of school, scared of hard honest work and his fine, firm father’s foot up his lazy lout-backside. The bloody bucolic brat ‘burned his ships’ by blatantly, beer-and-brandy-dazed burning a barn and ‘borrowing’ a business-vehicle for his foolish, far fugue, breaking his badly-burned and bankrupted father’s heart literally-fatally before senior could consider withdrawing the angry arson complaint. So Jonny is a wanted orphan, inheriting only debts and risking a long jail term if found and reported, reason to ‘shyly’ hide his hooligan-face by hoodie and sunglasses, but(t) also the leverage Tony needs to take the orgre-orphan’s obscenity and other flaws fittingly-firmly in hand, handling this hoodlum’s hooliganism hard-handed, a helping hider-hand.
Well-trained in-living Mason’s mission undercover, spent shortly in the scoundrel’s sordid squat-place, showed him so short on simplest supplies, since spending the stolen-car-earnings, the shameful sinner started systematically subsisting on perpetrating plenty of petty-thefts, a prickish ‘plan’ of pointless predation.
So Tony hatched a rebel-rear-red-raw-reeducation program for the vile vandal with the local cop and vicar: to avoid arrest, he must sign up (under his false name, no check-up being the bonus) for the parrish pedagogical program, which assigns Tony as this recruited rotten rascal’s regular reeducation reference regulator, rigidly relying on relentless repetition of ragless-rebel-rear-red-raw-ravaging-rod-rides to reduce the ruffian to rearer-respectful resignation, ready to receive required rearing as ruled under the ruthlessly-rigid reeducation regime.
Mason was evidently extatic to learn this also includes a new chapter in his own education: applying active CP, becoming brutally busy as ‘better’, big-brotherly bunk buddy at the busines-end of abject-adolescent-ass-arse-agony-affliction-attributes, given autonomous authority to act assertively and acquire ample ability as ass-arse-agonizer, Jonny moving into his room and bunk bed as always-absolutely-available abject assistant for all domestic chores, so instead of toiling his tail off and terror of trouserless-tail-thrashing, Mason will taste the terrific thrill of thriftily training a thickskull teen to total tractability by thornily tender-tanning his trembling tail time and time again, to his though thrasher-taste.
Though thus this dear dream of diverting derriere discipline comes true terrifically for time-and-time-trouserless-tail-tanning-torment-treated Mason, it comes with a cruelly-corresponding nightmare flipside: Sir simultaneously starts systematic stricter-then-ever room – and chore – inspections, and each count of imperfection is taken out on both bareballs-lined-up brats’ abject arses all-on-ankles, for which purpose Jonny must on Mondays cut a fresh switch to this very eerily-exposed-endurance (business) end, to be tried-out a dozen on Mason, who -unless rejected, then Jonny gets six dozen before being sent for a better- next revenges that on the spot, savoring a scourching sweet-spot bullseye as encore, eager to wear it out all week on the well-warned wayward whippersnapper, waking woefully-wailing worshipness for the wickedly-well-willow-wielding whippers as willfullness whithers wonderfully with the wretchedly-wriggling-worm’s worked-over whooping-woes.
Weary of wicked whipping-duets, the wayward whippersnappers will work-out working-together working-their-tails-off and watchfull warnings work well to ward-off the worst whoopings. Silently savouring sagely to see so, smirkily-smiling strict Sir shall after six weeks spare the sally some switches, not the naughty-natured knaves’ nasty naked-nates-nurture: henceforth switches are cut only every fortnight, but kept in use a month as they last lots longer, so the rotten-rascal-rears-red-raw-ravaging-rod is ruthlessly rank-raised as double-willow-birch.