Bad Boy in the Spotlight – Disciplining Dom

 In an occasional series spotlighting a popular popular and well spanked bad boy I hope you enjoy this focus on Dom from Straight Lads Spanked
 In a recent update at Straight Lads Spanked Dom receives more than he bargained for when he visit’s Mr X for his Birthday Spanking
What many fan’s love about Dom are his wonderful facial expressions when he is spanked

 His face tells us exactly what his bottom is feeling!

 Dom’s first appearance was in “Spanked Charity Thief – Ashamed and Sorry
 The naughty boy is punished for stealing a charity collection

 In the Conclusion to Spanked Charity Thief, Mr X has to determine whether Dom or his buddy Adam stole another charity collection 
 Which ever one did it …
 They both end up with very sore bottoms
 There is a similar outcome in Spanked Footballers
 When Dom is teamed up with another real life buddy Harry..
 who clearly enjoys a chance to spank Dom

 Dom gets spanked with Dad’s slipper just after a hot bubble bath

 Our naughty hero receives another spanking from Dad in 

 Dom – Dad Found Twitter remains the most popular video with members of Straight Lads spanked

 In Spank Jenga Dom, Harry, Wayne and Adam – Part 1 Dom takes a belting from his mates in a very vulnerable, humiliating (but attractive) position

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6 Responses to Bad Boy in the Spotlight – Disciplining Dom

  1. Dom is one of my favorites at Straight Lads, he has a perfect physique, a handsome face a hot ass and a mischievous personality, what’s not to love?

  2. More DOM(estic) discipline please!

  3. Avatar Jem Pritchard
    Jem Pritchard says:

    Is there a “Dom – Wait Untill Your Father Gets Home”? Those are allways hot, and with Dom it would be more so

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Dom is amazing to work with also. Jem, I have not yet done a Wait Till Your Father Gets Home with Dom but I promise I will and I know it will be great!

  5. nothing beather for new year for our boys tan a real good bare spanking with wet hand and for a long long time …..SANTA

  6. this would be even more humiliating if Don’s legs were held wide apart so that his hot hole could be seen!