Wayne – Caught Red Handed!

Wayne has been working hard as a window cleaner, then he made a massive mistake when he was caught stealing from a customers house!

Wayne was sent to Mr X the local community spanker to be dealt with. Mr X does not approve of stealing at all, especially when it is from your own neighbours.

Wayne learns a very hard lesson as he receives a hard over the knee spanking.

However, Mr X has a certain way of dealing with thieves and not only does Wayne get spanked, he also receives a traditional carper beater whacking his already tender bottom!

This sorry spanked straight lad will not be stealing again!

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3 Responses to Wayne – Caught Red Handed!

  1. Another good looker firm buttocks, bet he is one of dom’s gang?. Same arse tatoo’s thanks for the post.

  2. Nice boy, nice tattoo, now these straight lads are they all totally straight?

  3. Wayne is fit. Good to see Mr X wielding the carpet beater. x