Back To School : At Bottom Line (Part 2)

Back To School (Part 2 – Hard Lesson)

Aiden and Carlos are now in even more trouble as it comes to light they cut art class to come to the Headmaster’s office. Mr. Palaiologos quickly turns what was an informal punishment into a formal one.


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11 months ago

Shocked to hear, as former art teacher, the nuttily-naughty new ‘numbskull knaves’ neatly decided on their own to didge an art class, without consulting its teacher, to report to headmaster, deeming it’s compulsory by school rules but(t) not part of the legal curriculum, hence without impact on their graduation prospects, Hector is all the more motivated to provide proper alternative motivation by eerily-exposed impact on their all-attire-abandoned adolescent-anti-art-ass-arses, well-worse than well-established whooping for regular truancy, thinking on the spot while shouting to strip starkers and soundly scarlet-striping the squirming squirts’ shivering seats smashingly: in future, CP for truancy at extracurricular activities is double-dose and entirely on the bare, while for cultural ones an element of ‘poetic justice’ is prescribed part of painful punishment.
For the poor present puerile pair of posterior-pain-punishment-programmed preppy puppies, that means this time they are to report in the school studio for extra art classes a dozen detention evenings to record lofty lecture lessons, in long sessions, on sound squirt-skin and a soundly spanked spectrum of sore shades of pink, red and purple, which their art teacher -for each video assisted by another subject teacher- won’t only use in school and share with countless colleagues, but(t) headmaster also shall savour sharing with numerous non-spanking schools and colleges, complete with cast credits, conveying the castigated curs’ coordinates and a compelling comment to commend to commence any coming-up contact with them by CP copy in corresponding classes, regularly re-enacting the rascals’ red-raw-rebel-rear-ravage wherever they go, also with sports – or other school teams, introduction days, and so on, to be recorded and shared-back steadily.
After all, headmaster is proposing to the board to adopt as school motto ‘Elaborate education, the gift that keeps giving’, and he always means gaily giving gruesomely-good, so guys get gloriously-glowing globes, and these videos mean they’ll get it generously all their student career, anywhere