Spank Lads – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

The First ever posting from a brand new studio Spank Lads Showing scenes from “Wait Till Your Father gets home” Starring Llewelyn Brooks and Joey Hill 

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There have been some glowing reviews for this video from a very promising 
new studio

Dr. Richard Barton: “Quite simply, this is one of the best spanking scenes I’ve watched for a long time. The young man is excellent, he’s handsome, looks very convincing as a modern schoolboy and has a lovely bottom! He also has great screen presence and the opening scene, as he awaits the arrival of Dad, has a real sense of anticipation. Dad himself is very good and brings a feeling of no-nonsense menace to the scene; the minimal dialogue also adds to the sense of menace. The spanking is long and severe, very …..


4 Responses to Spank Lads – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

  1. That is awesome! Fantastic. Great role play. Look forward to tons more.

  2. Interesting new studio but how many more do we need really its getting silly now.

  3. Just bought all of their vids today. Amazing stuff! Almost, but not quite, up to sting’s level. Hope they do loads more

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Guys – I’m way tooooo familiar with those dread words “Wait til your father gets home” – hours of anticipation makes the suffering ten times worse – my old man doesn’t bother with the hand any longer – just goes for the big stuff like the tawse – wicked sore!!