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Corriea Mattina
5 years ago

1/22/18 9:12p Jock Spank Franco ”Won’t Forget the Day I Saw The Principal Spanking Mr. Deegan, my Algebra Teacher….”
Over the School Intercom System: Mr. Deegan, Report to the Principal’s Office..
Mr. Deegan had a History Class and he was startled, as put on his Sport Jacket.
He put the first person in the front row in charge.
Mr. Deegan was sent to the Private Office of the Principal by his Office Manager.
The Principal came right up to him and said ”Alright, Mr. Deegan, Strip!”
He growled in his face!
”What! What the Fuck!” Mr. Deegan yelled back.
The Principal was a Strong Man and he grabbed Mr. Deegan by
his arm and Twisted it around to his back pushed him across his Desk!
The Principal was trying to unbuckle his belt and he succeeded
and then he unbuttoned , and unzipped Mr. Deegan’s Pants!
In those few moments Mr. Deegan was in shock and as
he was overpowered!
Mr. Deegan was strong also!
He Pushed back so hard that the Principal was knocked to the Floor!
Mr. Deegan felt his Pants starting to fall.
The look on the Principal’s face was arrogant and smug.
”You better let them fall down because your not leaving here
until I Spank your Bare Butt!”
The Principal was a Hard Ass and for Any Reason at all you would be disciplined.
”Fuck You Asshole!” Mr. Deegan shouted.
The Principal had some Photos and he said incriminated him.
Mr. Deegan knew that the Principal would do anything to get his way.
Mr. Deegan Zipped, Buttoned and Belted his Pants.
”You have nothing!” Mr. Deegan
“You’re Fired! Leave the School now!”
The Principal had a very heavy beard, he was menacing.
”I’ll call the Security and have them remove you!”
The Principal changed his attitude suddenly.
”Drop your Pants and Shorts and receive the Spanking
that you Need, Want, and Will Take!”
Mr. Deegan would be forced to go to the School Board
and it would be awhile before he could or would get his Job back.

The Handsome Teacher, Mr. Deegan is very well
regarded in the School but since new Principal
arrived it felt like Prison.
Now he knows why Students, Staff and Teacher and
even Parents are uneasy with the Principal!

The Principal walked over to Mr. Deegan and
said ”It’s Time Mr. Keegan.”
”Remove your Pants..”
Mr. Deegan has been forced to Remove his
Pants, Shorts, Shoes and Socks!
He is Naked from the Waist Down1
Then he is pushed OTK of the Principal!
The Man is Angry, Outraged and Furious!
”You will Do what I say with No Questions Asked!
Got it!”
He was growling with a Deep Husky voice!
The Principal Swatted and Spanked
Mr. Deegan’s Bare Ass two Dozen times
in just a few minutes!
The Principal continued shouting.
Mr. Deegan was Bawling and he didn’t realize
how awful it looked but this was a Severe
and Painful Spanking.
Why did he do this?
Why did he allow him to Humiliate him like
He realized what was going on when it over
finally after only 5or 6 minutes of torture!
Mr. Deegan was afraid to touch his sore butt,
He wanted to get dressed fast.

The Principal said ”Here’s an extra Key to my House.
Be there before me or else!”
Mr. Deegan was dumbstruck he wanted out of there!
He let this Jackass Spank him and he was now in Control!
The Principal had adjusted his Pants and he had a Bulge in front
when he put his hand down his pants, when he removed
his hand, he had a Big Fat Hard Boner!
The Principal said to Mr. Deegan.
”That’s what happens when you Spank a Manly Ass Such as Yours, Pal”
What the Fuck Have I gotten into! Mr. Deegan wonders.
He said this to himself when he went back to class,
which was now over.
What am I going to do now?
As Mr. Deegan rubs his Sore Butt!

Corriea Mattina
5 years ago

1/22/18 11:00p Jock Spank by Franco The Principal Spanks Mr. Deegan, My Teacher
Franco: This Pic is exciting!
A very Handsome Man and I emphasize ”Man”
is Spanked on his Bare Ass by the Principal.
They appear to be the Same Age and Size.
I rarely Ever see Men get Spanked.
It is usually Boys or Older Boys.
Not Men!
And Spanked by Much Older Men!
This is Not a Student and a Teacher
but a Teacher and The Principal!
I wish we could of seen more of the Teacher’s Ass!
It’s Barely Visible!
Mr. Deegan’s is so Fucking Handsome!
He’s Naked from the Waist Down!
So allow us to see his Body!