Amateur Spanking Boys – Robi Dane

Robi Dane
Robi is awaiting his just and well-deserved punishment, while kneeling with painful clothespins affixed his ears and holding up two heavy books one in each hand. To make matters worse for him on top of the books are two implements for his impending punishment. When the master finishes with what had his attention, he turns his focus to Robi and with him lying him over his knees delivers stroke after stroke of intensely painful swats delivered with a wooden paddle. All this is accompanied with a string of good hardy hand spankings. If Robi thinks his done for the day he is in for a big surprise because the master also has in store for him punishment with the leather strap and wooden paddle while in a number of different positions, he also gets to show off his fit and well-toned body with a number of different exercises, including one he finds most pleasurable, but in the end gets strapped for it.



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One Response to Amateur Spanking Boys – Robi Dane

  1. It’s so cool when a studio takes inspiration from an artist. I love the reference to Matt’s drawing here!