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Academy Discipline: Diego and Pervert

Erik has been sexting Diego’s sister. Diego though is home on leave from the academy and by chance has a look at his sister’s phone. Diego wastes no confronting the perverted Erik and soundly punishing him.


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Academy Discipline: Diego and Pervert


Title 2257

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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

WONDERFUL! A young lad laid over the knee naked except for a pair of navy-blue boxer-briefs does it for me every time!

1 year ago

Diego is furious to find one of his cadets somehow got hold of staff home & – kin phone numbers and started sending masturbation sexting filth around. Luckily, no outsiders are involved and fellow staff agree to whip their ‘victim’ kin -starting with Diego’s slut brat sister- into total secrecy, so a public scandal and eviction of the cadet -who has good base soldier potential if tamed timely- being avoided, the academy can be kept out by off record literal home punishment.
Ever-erring Erik evidently needs extensive ‘helping hand’ hard-handling hell-hot-heating his huge, helplessly-heightened humble-hound-hindquarter harshly to mend his wayward wanton ways, which starts with a good whooping in the bare from Diego, who will repeat this thorny trash-teen-tail-torment-treatment every Friday before spending Erik’s next assigned weekend with one of the targeted staffer families in turn, getting full bare-balls brat-butt-blistering benefit of their worst form of ‘woodshed treatment’, after which the host staffer decides whether to sign him up for a next rotation, which is almost always the case, keeping his weekends spent ‘educationally exposed’ way worse than in the academy, in itself a way to limit the risk of relapse, on top of confiscation of his – and indefinite ban from unauthorized use of any phone or recording device.
Regretfully realizing the restricting on rendering rascal-recruits really-rueful as regularly receiving red-raw-rearing renders them relatively resigned to rump-roasting, the ruthlessly-relative-protective rearers readily resolve to reinforce it rigidly by rare twists to tweak the trouserless-twink-tail-torment-terror time and time, each trashing turn trying to twist a thing to two-tail-thrall-treatment, from permutating perfectly-perilously-penitent-posterior-presenting-positions to perverting props and (privacy-privated-private) parts, permitted to provide the painers predatory pleasures as posterior-pain-purple-pounders and ‘playful’ private parts-pleasuring, proclaimed a petty price to pay for proven perversion in poetically-parallel pain.