A Triple from Spanking Boys Video (Part 2 of 2)


The master continues Marko’s punishment, sending him off to collect a leather strap for his next ordeal. The master continues to punish the young Marko with an even more painful strapping on his already inflamed ass and sensitive asshole while he proceeds to cower before the master. Marko’s ass can be seen to turn a rosy red.



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From Spanking Boys Video

and Spanking Boys EU

The master still quite angry with Dominik who is new and has been tardy. The master tells him he will continue to be punished and proceeds to have him raise his legs up and starts giving him a painful bastinado on the soles of his bare feet with a cane, this also was extremely painful for John as evidenced by his repeated vocal protests. His bad luck continues with his draw from choosing a playing card to determine his punishment, based on it he then receives and even more painful and humiliating punishment by hand, delivered on his exposed and sensitive nether regions. This too will be a punishment he sure to not soon forget.





From Spanking Boys Video

and Feet Bastinado Boys






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