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3 years ago

I love love love this. Thank you, Franco and JS!

2 years ago

“Honestly, grandpa, I’m sure daddy just forgot to mention in his holidays sendoff letter I’m off the naughty list, unlike my currish kid brother!
He’s the one supposed to learn his lesson now, just as I did last year, wickedly-werll-whipped in the woodshed and riding bare-balls over your knee hourly on the twelve days of Christmas holiday: my grades went from average C to A, I diligently do chores and swore off profanity or insolence, if you call dad he’ll confirm I haven’t been spanked all year,
but(t) kid bro needed to go OTK about daily, in front of me, hence Sir sent us both here so he could benefit from your firmest hand in the family and the absence of neighbours who may report ‘child abuse’ when your woodshed whip workover works its woe-wonder! “