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4 years ago

Thank you BBFC.
A cracking year’s ending!!
My best wishes to all at JockSpank for the wonderful website. May the spanking continue for ever!!

Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

Just popped back home to fetch something and couldn’t resist a quick look to see if the BBFC post as up yet – and joy of joys! There it was!

Absolute classic – and I particularly like the way the changes were ‘rung’ – not talking about the bell here but the boys’ underpants! Wonderful!

A fantastic way to see the old year out and the New Year in! Thank you, Tony, and your team for a brilliant year – and in particular I want to thank all the boys who put themselves through all that pain and embarrassment for our delight and delectation. Well done, all you cheeky young monkeys, because without you there’d be no BBFC and no Jock Spank. Just imagine that! How much poorer would our spanking community be for it!

Happy New Year to you all at BBFC and let’s hope next year is every bit as good as this one has been! Excuse me while I get back to my Hogmanay celebrations!!

4 years ago

Well, what a wickedly-welcome way to wave a warm welcome to a smashing start of the spankophiles ‘ sweet (smugly-smirking semi-sadistic spectator) sport of soundly swatting submissively-stripped sex-squirt-seat-skin supposedly-sorely-sorry !
Another A for originality and artful, attractive, amusing execution, swiftly succeeding the smashing success of the festive marathon,
so we can only wish for more of the same (much more, yet not quite the same) the coming year(s)!

3 years ago

Happy New Year to the guys who work at BBFC. Here are a few suggestions for the New Year.

I am a big fan of good-looking, muscular, clean-cut guys like Cal getting spanked, especially OTK. I noticed that you haven’t posted any new videos like that recently. When will that happen?

I just thought of another hunky guy that would make a great model to play the bottom role. Paul has appeared in a number of your videos as the top. Would he be interested in appearing in a BBFC video in which he is on the receiving end of an OTK spanking?