Super Hero Smackdown: Art by Franco

This young Jock may have identified with the Super Heroes on his wall paper, but he finds that Dad’s hand has a Kryptonite effect on his bare bottom!!

Art by Franco


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4 Responses to Super Hero Smackdown: Art by Franco

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Charles Sr. and ‘little’ Charlie suffer growing pains as the cutie grew up to become and knavish handful : daddy used ti be his hero, lord and only God, who only needed a stern look (an occasional mild ear-pull or -boxing) to get his son straight back in line, now the ravishing rug-rat rather resembles a redoubted rebel, respecting only ficticious superpowered heroes, so instead of oracling wise advice in the filial/family interest, Sir must dispense dead-serious decrees and doleful derriere-dermis-damning due-deserts dessert-wise daily-about, the definite downside of discipline-demanding-deference-deterioration. Despite his hellhoundish howling having his helplessly-heightened hottie-humble-hound-hinie hell-hot-hit-heeps harshly at home half-/whole-hour-long, sonny ‘silently’ sighs, sensing scoundrel-stupid sub-standard-stuff surely seeks sinner-subduing sorefully-seat-skin-sorely-super-sensitive-spanking sessions; surprisingly (starting-at-least), Sir secretly senses sonly-spankee-seed-shaft-swelling-scared-stiff surely stirs Senior’s sex-stick-swelling-super-size so-sirely-sensually, Sir secretly smirks as smugly seeing spanking-severity sees scarlet-smacked-son submits soon-enough, as the strict-spanker’s superb sense of supreme superiority supplies sensual satisfaction sufficient to substitute for softie-Sir-son-stuff!

  2. Such a sweet lad getting his bare bottom blistered! 🙂

  3. best art needs spanking to see younger spanking older.