Straight Lads Spanked: Jason Caught Peeping At Girls (Part 2)

Straight Lads Spanked : Jason Caught Peeping At Girls (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two part story. In part One Jason was caught spying on the girls’ locker room. He has already been soundly spanked by the coach, now he has returned home with a very sore bottom, only to find that his Dad knows what he has done and is very angry.

Jason’s bottom is already red and sore, but it will be a lot sorer after Dad and his strap have finished with him.

So it turns out we were right to worry for Jason, after Coach announced that he was obliged to inform his father that he had had to put him over his knee and spank him for being a peeping tom in the girls’ changing rooms at the sports club. That was the sort of news that was never going to go down well with Dad!

In the latest male spanking movie from Straight Lads Spanked, Jason protests that he has already been punished by Coach and his bottom is still bruised and sore, but something in the way Dad stands lecturing the lad in his bedroom, holding a fearsome-looking leather strap in his hand, suggests that those protests were never going to wash with him…

Dad is both disgusted and mortified that his son has been spying on girls getting changed, but he makes it plain that if anybody is going to be disciplining Jason, it’s going to be him.


A nervous Jason steps up his attempts to talk his way out of any further punishment, but all to no avail. Dad hauls him over his knee and warms the seat of his tight grey pants, first by hand and then with the leather strap. He makes it abundantly clear that his son isn’t going anywhere until he has been taught a very painful lesson!

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It’s obvious that it is a lesson that is hitting its mark when Jason does the unthinkable – grabbing the strap out of Dad’s hand and throwing it on the floor! That is the signal for a furious Dad, first of all to insist that Jason picks it up and hands it back, and then to yank down his wayward son’s pants and spank him hard on his bare bottom!



Draped over his father’s knee with his pants around his knees, Jason promises that he won’t peep on the girls again… but Dad is going to make absolutely sure that he won’t! A damn good thrashing with the leather strap leaves the lad bucking and kicking with a very sore red bottom… and a warning that the next time he has to put him over his knee, he won’t be sitting down for a week!




Jason is going to have to get those teenage hormones under control if he wants to keep his bottom out of harm’s way in future!



Straight Lads Spanked : Jason Caught Peeping At Girls (Part 2)

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  1. I love the stills from Part 2! Is there any chance that we can see Part 1? I’m sure it must be equally juicy, but we do seem to be missing it…

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    Is there a way to buy these with out getting a membership?