Caption This!

Who is saying what to whom?

Can you think of a funny, sexy or clever caption for this picture from Sting’s latest release Hooligans?

If so please add you caption in the Comments section below.

If you prefer you can leave a caption at the old Feel the Sting blog HERE

Note this challenge is for fun only and no prizes will be awarded


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John Smith
John Smith
4 years ago

Caption: “Why are we complicating the scene by having so much going on at once, instead of a one-at-a-time, ‘You’re next’ scenario, with Marco as the spanker & Joel going last?”

4 years ago

Joel: Boy, what a revolting predicament this is!”

Marco: “You’ve got that right, bro!”

4 years ago

“All this spanking has worked up quite an appetite.”
“Me too. Let’s grab a bite and finish after.”
“Now, stay here boys. You better be naked and ready for round 2 when we get back.”