Spanking Straight Boys: Owen’s Wedgie Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys: Owen’s Wedgie Spanking

Owen, age 19, is back for his hardest spanking yet, and it has quite a twist. This is the first wedgie spanking video SSB has shot. They use an “ultra-wedgie machine,” as Owen himself describes it.



Tom attaches clips to the back of Owen’s white briefs. The clips are attached to a rope that is attached to Tom’s industrial hoist. The result is an embarrassing, uncomfortable, and increasingly revealing wedgie.


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As the spanking continues, Tom raises the hoist more and more, lifting Owen partially off the floor. Finally Owen’s white briefs are stretched so far they are literally ripped off him.

Tom uses his hand, a cane birch, riding crop, rubber paddle/slapper, wooden paddle, long plastic shoehorn, silicone paddle, clear acrylic paddle, wooden spoon and a leather strap on Owen’s firm butt.


As Tom learned from his earlier spankings, Owen’s butt does not colour up easily. However, by the end of this video, Owen’s butt is bright pink and red.

hroughout it all, Owen is polite and obedient, though he does complain that “it’s a painful wedgie.”


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14 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Owen’s Wedgie Spanking

  1. Thank you so much for this, it fulfils so many of my fantasies , it’s incredible. Owen is so hot, my current no 1 favorite, and he has such a spankable bottom, and to see him hoisted up in that position, with his beautiful bottom hoisted up in a wedgie is a dream come true.

    Spanking Straight Boys is turning into the hottest site on the net.

    And what a lucky, lucky man Tom is, when I die I want to be reincarnated as Tom’s hands.

    • I’m glad you like our videos. Owen was quite a find. He has one of the most perfect butts (and everything else) that I’ve encountered. Steve is also great. I’d hate to try to decide which butt is better. And I’m glad you like the wedgie. He had no idea that was in store for him.

      • WOW Tom, Thanks for replying, I’m honored. The fact that Owen had no idea you were going to do that to him, makes it even hotter. Oh man what must he have thought! I remember seeing pictures of Steve, he was a hot looking guy too. However, there is something so cute about Owen that makes me want to keep seeing him get spanked.

        I wonder if he knows how cute he is, he could easily be in an Abercrombe and Fitch advert.

        • He does know he is very hot, but somehow he is not the least bit cocky or conceited. It would be impossible for him not to know. He told me little girls come up to him in the mall and ask him if he is Justin Bieber, and he has women who stalk him. Girls are always just throwing themselves at him, and guys hit on him a lot, too. A lot of the boys on the site are very good looking, but Owen has eye-catching, head-turning good looks. It must be great to be him!

  2. Прикольная татушка на плече и красивое тело у парня.

  3. Spanking Straight Boys is fast becoming the number one spanking site in terms of originality and hot guys. Imagine having the chutzpah to hire a guy as hot as Owen and then talking him into taking an atomic wedgie while being spanked.

    I wish other studios had a fraction of Tom’s imagination, and a model agency half as good as his.

    • Wow, thanks. The idea of a wedgie spanking first arose when I found a potential model (whom I never ultimately shot) who was interested in spanking and wedgies from women (in his private life). Then someone from a group of guys (and maybe women, too) who like wedgies and spanking asked if I’d do a video like this. After that I just had to figure out a way to use my industrial hoist to do the wedgie. I didn’t tell Owen about the wedgie. If you look for it, you’ll see a moment during the video when I ask him if he’s figured out what the setup was for, and he responded that it was some sort of ultra wedgie machine. Until that point he only knew it was going to be a spanking.

  4. This is smoking hot, probably the sexiest thing I have seen this year. Well done.

    • I really appreciate all of this positive feedback. It took some doing to get the idea right for this, including figuring out how to turn my hoist into a wedgie machine. I couldn’t just use the large hook on the end of the hoist. It could do a lot of damage, as could the steel cable. I owe the final idea (the clips and the thin rope) to a video on YouTube that showed a wedgie machine someone else had created, and it worked well, luckily.

  5. It is so hot to see a straight guys get humiliated during a bare butt spanking. Even more so when he is as handsome as this boy

  6. A question have Spanking Straight Boys ever thought of doing a medical scene with Owen, where he gets spanked by Doctor Tom, you could include an anal thermometer, and maybe a painful vitamin shot in his butt at the end (you can get fake syringes on e-bay). Something like Sting did in “A Doctor Calls”

    Or maybe the coach could carry out a medical examination .

    Medical fetishes are common, and it would be hot to combine one with a spanking scene.

  7. Glen – That is something I’ve considered (the medical exam). The use of syringes (real or fake), however, is something I have to stay away from. That is one of the specific types of content that can cause problems anywhere you try to post it.