Mans Hand Films – “My Worst Day”



Shane Omen

Ken Stocker and Paul Morrison


Introducing Shane Omen as Chuck Harrison. The lad narrates what you’re watching as the worst day of his young life.  Have you ever had one of those days when nothing went right?  Well, Chuck’s day starts out with a wake-up spanking from his dad which is followed by a visit to the principal’s office for a paddling on the seat of his jeans because he was late for school, again! 


He’d have been on time if not for the spanking!  Later on he gets another trip to the principal’s office for punching a kid in the nose who gave him a pantsing to see the results of the  paddling Chuck had just taken.   This time he got paddled on the bare butt.  Of course Dad then spanked his bare, sore, ass twice as hard when he got home!



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Part 1 of MHV-195


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Title 2257


3 Responses to Mans Hand Films – “My Worst Day”

  1. Avatar Mark Canes
    Mark Canes says:

    Where can I download the pictures free of charge onto my smartphone pĺease?

  2. To me there is no more finger-itching, boner-making sight than that of a boy laid over the knee in royal-blue briefs for a good old-fashioned spanking! My favourite colour for spankingwear! (I think I might have just coined a new substantive noun there, fellow bottom-smackers!) Especially when he has such a pert, cheeky, well-rounded bottom as young Chuck! Oh, how I envy those two older guys! I hope they realise what lucky LUCKY men they are!!! I adore the title photo – I think I know what I’m going to be using for tonight’s ‘Spank you and good night’ post!